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Paul Michael Robinson
Born (1963-04-07) April 7, 1963 (age 54)
Long Beach, CA
Occupation Actor

Paul Michael Robinson (born April 7, 1963) is an American actor, photographer, producer and model. He is most well known for playing the sexually inexperienced, alien leader Haffron from the classic Emmanuelle in Space. He is well known in direct-to-video action films including Maximum Security, Active Stealth, and The Capitol Conspiracy.

Early life[edit]

Paul was born in Long Beach, California. He served in the United States Army and was stationed at Fort Stewart, GA. He was in the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry specializing in communications. He was out before Desert Storm. After the military he had a friend take photographs of him to help him break into the film business.[1]

Emmanuelle in Space[edit]

Paul was cast as the lead opposite Krista Allen in the erotic epic Emmanuelle in Space. The role enabled him to show that he had quite a presence as an actor and comedian. It also allowed him to showcase his physical attributes and beauty. Emmanuelle in Space remains one of the pioneering softcore films and continues to find new audiences and fans.


The success of Emmanuelle in Space brought Paul back to Alain Siritzky Productions to be showcased in their newest epic The Adventures of Justine. Paul played Klauss Heinmann, Timothy Di Pri's nemesis. The series was not as well received as the Emmanuelle in Space series, but did offer Paul the chance to play a very different role.

Recent Works[edit]

Paul has worked on Head, Heart and Balls...or Why I Gave Up Smoking Put? co-starring Adam Carolla.[2]


Year Film Role
1994 Emmanuelle: First Contact Haffron
1994 Emmanuelle: A World of Desire Haffron
1994 Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love Haffron
1994 Emmanuelle 4: Concealed Fantasy Haffron
1994 Emmanuelle 5: A Time to Dream Haffron
1994 Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling Haffron
1994 Emmanuelle 7: The Meaning of Love Haffron
1995 Justine, In the Heat of Passion Klauss Heinmann
1995 Justine, Exotic Liaisons Klauss Heinmann
1995 Justine, A Private Affair Klauss Heinmann
1995 Justine, Seduction of Innocence Klauss Heinmann
1996 "The Guilt" Carl O'Donnell
1996 Within the Lines
1996 Friend of the Family 2 Alex Madison
1997 Maximum Security Mace Richter
1997 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (episode 1.17) Zak
1997 Fight and Revenge Private Michael Stahl
1998 BASEketball Mime Psych-Out
1999 The Capitol Conspiracy Hunter
2000 The Chaos Factor Patrol Officer
2000 Active Stealth "Hollywood"
2001 Kept Tony
2005 Trees Grow Tall and Then They Fall Roy (and Executive Producer)
2007 TMNT Voice
2007 Revamped Peters
2007 Head, Heart and Balls or Why I Gave Up Smoking Pot The Narrator


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