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Paul Murry
Born(1911-11-25)November 25, 1911
Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States
DiedAugust 4, 1989(1989-08-04) (aged 77)
Palmdale, California, United States
Notable works
Disney comics

Paul Murry (November 25, 1911 – August 4, 1989) was an American cartoonist and comics artist. He is best known for his Disney comics, which appeared in Dell Comics and Gold Key Comics from 1946 to 1984, particularly the Mickey Mouse and Goofy three-part adventure stories in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories.

Like many Disney comic book artists, Murry started his career working at the Walt Disney Studios. During his time there he was an assistant to legendary animator Fred Moore.

Starting in 1943, Murry worked on Disney newspaper strips, beginning with several installments of the Sunday-only José Carioca strip. This was followed by a number of episodes in the 1944-1945 Panchito strip, which replaced José Carioca's, as well as some Mickey Mouse strips in 1945. Murry then provided pencil art for the Uncle Remus and His Tales of Brer Rabbit strip from the first installment on October 14, 1945 through July 14, 1946.[1]

After leaving the studio in 1946, he began to work for Western Publishing doing stories featuring the Disney characters. Dell Four Color No. 129 (1946) featuring three Uncle Remus stories penciled by Murry was the first comic book containing his artwork.[2]

Murry drew many Disney characters, including Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Brer Rabbit, The Sleuth, and others. The Phantom Blot and Super Goof comic books contained many Murry stories. Besides Disney, Murry also drew Woody Woodpecker comics, the 1951-1953 Buck O'Rue comic strip (written by Dick Huemer), and gag cartoons.

He is best known for his rendition of Mickey Mouse, especially the Mickey/Goofy adventure stories, mostly in Mickey Mouse, and three-part serials in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. Murry's first published Mickey Mouse story was "Mickey Mouse and the Monster Whale," in Vacation Parade #1 (July 1950). Murry next wrote a couple of Mickey Mouse stories for Dell's One-Shots: "The Mystery of the Double-Cross Ranch" in issue #313 (February 1951) and "The Ruby Eye of Homar-Guy-Am" in #343 (August 1951).[3]

Murry and writer Carl Fallberg began their run of Mickey Mouse and Goofy serials in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories with "The Last Resort", in issues #152-154 (May-July 1953).[4] Murry and Fallberg continued to produce 3-part Mickey/Goofy adventures consistently from 1953 to 1962, and then occasionally from 1963 to 1972.[3] When Fallberg moved on, Murry continued to draw single-part Mickey/Goofy adventures for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories and Mickey Mouse until 1984, retiring after more than 30 years of producing these stories.[3] Murry died five years later, in 1989.


The following table is a list of Murry's Mickey/Goofy adventure stories, from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Mickey Mouse and various specials:[3]

Title Issues Dates Writer
Mickey Mouse and the Monster Whale Vacation Parade #1 July 1950 unknown
The Mystery of the Double-Cross Ranch Four-Color #313 Feb 1951 unknown
The Ruby Eye of Homar-Guy-Am Four-Color #343 Aug 1951 Don Christensen
The Last Resort WDC #152-154 May-July 1953 Carl Fallberg
The Lens Hunters WDC #158-160 Nov 1954-Jan 1954 Carl Fallberg
The Case of the Vanishing Bandit WDC #161-163 Feb-April 1954 Carl Fallberg
The Mysterious Crystal Ball WDC #164-166 May-July 1954 unknown
The Lost Legion WDC #167-169 Aug-Oct 1954 Carl Fallberg
The Magic Rope WDC #170-172 Nov 1954-Jan 1955 unknown
Ridin' the Rails WDC #173-175 Feb-April 1955 Carl Fallberg
The Lost City WDC #176-178 May-July 1955 Carl Fallberg
Yesterday Ranch WDC #179-181 Aug-Oct 1955 Carl Fallberg
The Sign of the Squid Mickey Mouse #44 Oct 1955 unknown
The Big Christmas Tree Mystery Christmas Parade #7 Nov 1955 Carl Fallberg
The Marvelous Magnet WDC #182-184 Nov 1955-Jan 1956 Carl Fallberg
The Vanishing Railroad WDC #185-187 Feb-April 1956 Carl Fallberg
The Mystery of Diamond Mountain Mickey Mouse #47 April 1956 Charles Beaumont & William F. Nolan
The Case of the Hungry Ghost WDC #188-190 May-July 1956 Carl Fallberg
The Case of the Vanishing Bandit Mickey Mouse #48 June 1956 Charles Beaumont & William F. Nolan
The Pirates of Tabasco Bay WDC #191-193 Aug-Oct 1956 Carl Fallberg
The Giant Pearls of Aago Island Mickey Mouse #49 August 1956 Carl Fallberg
Double Trouble Mickey Mouse #49 August 1956 Carl Fallberg
The Great Stamp Hunt WDC #194-196 Nov 1956-Jan 1957 Carl Fallberg
The Legend of Loon Lake WDC #197-199 Feb-April 1957 Carl Fallberg
The Unlighted Lighthouse Mickey Mouse #52 Feb 1957 unknown
The Phantom Fires WDC #200-202 May-July 1957 Carl Fallberg
The Crystal Ball Quest WDC #203-204 Aug-Sept 1957 Carl Fallberg
The Sunken City WDC #205-207 Oct-Dec 1957 Carl Fallberg
The Mystery of Lonely Valley WDC #208-210 Jan-March 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Timber Treasure Trail Mickey Mouse #58 Feb 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Missing Money Mystery Mickey Mouse #58 Feb 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Bush Pilot's Perl Mickey Mouse #59 April 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Big Brain Baffler Mickey Mouse #59 April 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Castaways of Whale Bay WDC #211-213 Apr-June 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Idol of Moaning Island WDC #214-216 July-Sept 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Threat of the Stone-Eaters WDC #217-219 Oct-Dec 1958 Carl Fallberg
The Monster of Sawtooth Mountain WDC #220-222 Jan-March 1959 Carl Fallberg
The Secret of Earthquake Island Mickey Mouse #65 April 1959 Carl Fallberg
Alaskan Adventure WDC #223-225 April-June 1959 Carl Fallberg
The Secret of the Swamp Mickey Mouse #66 June 1959 Carl Fallberg
The Fantastic Fog WDC #226-228 July-Sept 1959 Carl Fallberg
The Golden Sea Shell Donald Duck's Beach Party #6 Aug 1959 Carl Fallberg
The Secret of Drake's Island Mickey Mouse #67 Aug 1959 Carl Fallberg
The Bar None Ranch WDC #229-233 Oct 1959-Feb 1960 Floyd Gottfredson & Merrill De Maris
Backwoods Boo-Boo Mickey Mouse #68 Oct 1959 Carl Fallberg
The Moose Head Mystery Christmas Parade (Dell Giant #26) Dec 1959 Nick George
Pineapple Poachers WDC #234-236 March-May 1960 Carl Fallberg
An Education for Thursday WDC #237-241 June-Oct 1960 Floyd Gottfredson & Merrill De Maris
The Guest Ghost-Getters Mickey Mouse #73 Aug 1960 Carl Fallberg
The Trail to Treasure WDC #242 Nov 1960 unknown
Mickey's Strange Mission WDC #243-245 Dec 1960-Feb 1961 Carl Fallberg
The Floating Fortune Mickey Mouse #76 Feb 1961 Carl Fallberg
The Moon-Blot Plot WDC #246-248 March-May 1961 Carl Fallberg
Clipper Ship Caper Mickey Mouse #77 April 1961 unknown
The Golden Touch WDC #249-251 June-Aug 1961 Carl Fallberg
Backwoods Bugaboo Mickey Mouse #78 June 1961 Carl Fallberg
Crocodile Caper Mickey Mouse #78 June 1961 unknown
Blanket Bonanza Mickey Mouse #79 Aug 1961 unknown
The Potted Plant Plot Mickey Mouse #79 Aug 1961 unknown
The Great Giveaway Mystery WDC #252-254 Sept-Nov 1961 Carl Fallberg
All Steamed Up Dell Giant #55 Sept 1961 Carl Fallberg
The Catering Caper Mickey Mouse #80 Oct 1961 unknown
The Party Panic Dell Giant #53 Dec 1961 unknown
The Mystery of Misery Mesa WDC #255-257 Dec 1961-Feb 1962 Carl Fallberg
Arctic Roundup Mickey Mouse #81 Dec 1961 unknown
The Trail of the Phoenix Mickey Mouse #82 Feb 1962 unknown
The Unhelpful Helper Mickey Mouse #82 Feb 1962 Carl Fallberg
The Missing Merchantman WDC #258-260 March-May 1962 Carl Fallberg
Frontier Fiesta Mickey Mouse #83 April 1962 unknown
The Incredible Box Top Plot WDC #261-263 June-Aug 1962 Carl Fallberg
Lost Treasure Trackers Mickey Mouse #84 July 1962 unknown
The Jetboat Job Mickey Mouse Album (One-Shot #518) Aug 1962 Don Christensen
The Treasure of El Dorado WDC #264-266 Sept-Nov 1962 Carl Fallberg
The Mysterious Mist Christmas Parade (Gold Key) #1 Oct 1962 unknown
A Whale of a Tale WDC #267 Dec 1962 unknown
Twenty Fathoms to Treasure Mickey Mouse #86 Feb 1963 unknown
The Priceless Dodo Bird WDC #271 April 1963 unknown
The Idol of Mystery Island Mickey Mouse #87 May 1963 unknown
Cliff Hangers Mickey Mouse #87 May 1963 unknown
The Secret of the Ancient Incas WDC #274-276 July-Sept 1963 Carl Fallberg
The Monstrous Air Serpent Mickey Mouse #88 July 1963 unknown
Undercover Mountie WDC #277-279 Oct-Dec 1963 Carl Fallberg
Strange Cargo to Pingoola Mickey Mouse #91 Dec 1963 unknown
One Foggy Knight Mickey Mouse #92 Feb 1964 unknown
The Whale Chasers Mickey Mouse #93 April 1964 unknown
The Missing Glink WDC #283 April 1964 unknown
The Whale Chasers WDC #93 April 1964 unknown
The Return of the Phantom Blot WDC #284-287 May-Aug 1964 unknown
The Outlaw Trail Mickey Mouse #94 June 1964 unknown
The Phantom Blot Meets the Mysterious Mr. X The Phantom Blot #1 July 1964 unknown
The Amazing Hanjibug Jug Mickey Mouse #96 Aug 1964 unknown
The Bird Sitter WDC #289 Oct 1964 unknown
The Case of the Cankong Ruby Mickey Mouse #97 Oct 1964 unknown
The Phantom Ship WDC #290-292 Nov 1964-Jan 1965 Carl Fallberg
The Flight to Danger Mickey Mouse #98 Dec 1964 unknown
Using the Old Bean Mickey Mouse #98 Dec 1964 unknown
Robin Mickey and the Sheriff of Blottingham Mickey Mouse #99 Feb 1965 unknown
Medicine Man Mystery WDC #295 April 1965 unknown
The Phantom Blot Meets Super Goof The Phantom Blot #2 April 1965 Del Connell
Trapped on Wreckers Reef WDC #296-298 May-July 1965 unknown
The Red Wasp Mystery WDC #317-319 Feb-April 1967 Cecil Beard
Lair of the Zoomby WDC #320-322 May-July 1967 unknown
The Underwater Pirates Mickey Mouse #112 April 1967 unknown
Mickey Mouse Meets Blackbeard the Pirate Mickey Mouse #114 Aug 1967 Carl Fallberg
Lost Atlantis Mickey Mouse #115 Nov 1967 unknown
Mickey Mouse and the Viking Raiders Mickey Mouse #116 Feb 1968 Carl Fallberg
The Case of the Dazzling Hoo-Doo WDC #330-332 March-May 1968 Carl Fallberg
Peril at Panther Pass WDC #333-335 June-Aug 1968 unknown
Twister Island Mickey Mouse #118 Aug 1968 unknown
The River Pirates WDC #336-338 Sept-Nov 1968 Carl Fallberg
The Strange Case of Professor Zero WDC #339-341 Dec 1968-Feb 1969 unknown
The Ski-Ghost Mickey Mouse #120 Feb 1969 unknown
The Secret of Shipnapper's Cove WDC #342-344 March-May 1969 unknown
The Mystery of the Mumbling Mountain Mickey Mouse #121 May 1969 unknown
The Sinking City WDC #345-347 June-Aug 1969 unknown
The Moose Monster Mystery Mickey Mouse #122 Aug 1969 unknown
Invaders from Hootowl Hollow Mickey Mouse #123 Nov 1969 unknown
The Sorceror of Donnybrook Castle WDC #351-353 Dec 1969-Feb 1970 unknown
The Golden Moonlet Mickey Mouse #124 Feb 1970 unknown
Chief Bigfoot and the Ghost Warriors WDC #354-356 March-May 1970 unknown
The Case of the Talking Bone Mickey Mouse #125 May 1970 unknown
Journey to No-No Land WDC #357-359 June-Aug 1970 unknown
The Sign of the Scorpion WDC #360-362 Sept-Nov 1970 unknown
The Mystery of the Counterfeit Masters WDC #363-365 Dec 1970-Feb 1971 unknown
Kingdom in the Clouds WDC #366-368 March-May 1971 unknown
Haunted Hanadoom WDC #373 Oct 1971 unknown
The Pirates of Port Placid WDC #374-376 Nov 1971-Jan 1972 Carl Fallberg
The Golden Helmet WDC #377-379 Feb-April 1972 unknown
Message in a Nutshell WDC #380-382 May-July 1972 unknown
The Mystery Monster from Smoggy Bog WDC #383-385 Aug-Oct 1972 unknown
The Old Pirate's Mansion WDC #386-388 Nov 1972-Jan 1973 unknown
The Case of the Talking Tooth WDC #389-391 Feb-April 1973 unknown
Flight of the Dragon WDC #392-394 May-July 1973 unknown
Trail of the Golden Bell Mickey Mouse #144 Sept 1973 unknown
Monster Island Mickey Mouse #149 June 1974 unknown
A Whistle in the Dark Mickey Mouse #150 Aug 1974 unknown
A Helping Hand Mickey Mouse #150 Aug 1974 unknown
The Pelican of Smugglers' Island Mickey Mouse #151 Sept 1974 unknown
The Bee Bee-Havers Mickey Mouse #151 Sept 1974 unknown
Last of the Fire-Breathing Dragons Mickey Mouse #152 Oct 1974 unknown
Wrong Warpath WDC #410 Nov 1974 unknown
The Strange Gob O'Goop WDC #411 Dec 1974 unknown
Moose Call WDC #413 Feb 1975 unknown
Take a Giant Leap Mickey Mouse #155 April 1975 unknown
The Finger Genius WDC #416 May 1975 unknown
Rip Van Goofy WDC #417 June 1975 unknown
Finders Keepers WDC #418 July 1975 unknown
High-Sea Piracy WDC #419 Aug 1975 unknown
Space Treasure Mickey Mouse #157 Aug 1975 unknown
Secret of the Castle Tower WDC #420 Sept 1975 unknown
The Sea Rustlers Mickey Mouse #160 Nov 1975 unknown
The Sleep Creeps WDC #422 Nov 1975 unknown
The Snoozer WDC #424 Jan 1976 unknown
The Snow Queen WDC #425 Feb 1976 unknown
To Catch a Phantom WDC #426 March 1976 unknown
The Feathers of P'towwa WDC #427 April 1976 unknown
The Super-Duper Diamond WDC #428 May 1976 unknown
Turtle Triumph WDC #429 June 1976 unknown
The Case of the Secret Saucer WDC #430 July 1976 unknown
The Undercover Caper WDC #431 Aug 1976 unknown
Out to Launch WDC #432 Sept 1976 unknown
Showdown in Tumbleweed WDC #433 Oct 1976 unknown
The Crooked Clown Case WDC #434 Nov 1976 Don Christensen
The Man in the Hat WDC #435 Dec 1976 unknown
Gum Fight at O.K. Corral WDC #436 Jan 1977 unknown
Power Pin Pickle WDC #437 Feb 1977 unknown
The Clarabelle Caper WDC #438 March 1977 unknown
A Hit and Misses WDC #439 April 1977 unknown
Sword of Sunbeard WDC #440 May 1977 unknown
A Square Deal WDC #441 June 1977 unknown
The Ghost Noises WDC #442 July 1977 unknown
The Small Heist WDC #444 Sept 1977 unknown
Dilemma at Deep Cove WDC #445 Oct 1977 unknown
Mystery Mountain WDC #446 Nov 1977 unknown
Case of the Talented Ears WDC #447 Dec 1977 unknown
The Secret Key Mystery WDC #449 Feb 1978 unknown
A Ticklish Situation WDC #450 March 1978 unknown
Cave Kuhdoom WDC #452 May 1978 unknown
The Whirlpool Monster WDC #453 June 1978 unknown
Musclemania WDC #454 July 1978 unknown
Grocery Grabbers WDC #455 Aug 1978 unknown
Dude Ranch WDC #458 Nov 1978 unknown
No Deposit, No Return WDC #459 Dec 1978 unknown
Wax Museum Mystery WDC #460 Jan 1979 unknown
The Ghost Zoo WDC #461 Feb 1979 unknown
Mystery in 3-D WDC #462 March 1979 unknown
Desert Dilemma WDC #464 May 1979 unknown
Fly Guys WDC #465 June 1979 unknown
Smuggler's Cove Caper WDC #466 July 1979 unknown
Case of the Vanishing Buttons WDC #468 Sept 1979 unknown
Mission to Junglavia WDC #470 Nov 1979 unknown
The Time-Travel Trek WDC #471 Dec 1979 unknown
Detective Pluto WDC #472 Jan 1980 unknown
The Cat's Meow WDC #474 March 1980 unknown
The Mystery on the Mesa WDC #475 April 1980 unknown
The Riverboat Mystery WDC #477 June 1980 unknown
The Midnight Delivery WDC #479 Aug 1980 unknown
The Haunting Hand WDC #482 Nov 1980 unknown
Mission to Planet Zoa Mickey Mouse #209 Dec 1980 unknown
The Magic Mystery Mickey Mouse #209 Dec 1980 unknown
Trail of the Tumbleweed WDC #484 Jan 1981 unknown
Whale of a Mystery Mickey Mouse #210 Feb 1981 unknown
The Case of the Stone Statues WDC #488 July 1981 unknown
The Return of the Bat Bandit WDC #490 Sept 1981 unknown
The Geyser Mystery WDC #492 Nov 1981 unknown
The Time Trip Gyp WDC #493 Dec 1981 unknown
Ghost Stage WDC #495 Feb 1982 unknown
The Time Trek WDC #509 1984 unknown
The Remote Control Caper WDC #510 1984 unknown


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Profili Album Paul Murry: Mice, Ducks and Cheesecake (Glamour International, 2002). Includes a generous selection of Murry's girlie cartoons done in the 1950s along with a sequence from the Buck O'Rue western comic strip Murry did with writer Dick Huemer from 1951-1953. The book has text in Italian and English.

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