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Paul Noble
EducationHumberside College
Known forDrawing, sculpture
Notable work
Nobson Newtown, The Doley Game
AwardsPaul Hamlyn Award 2000

Paul Noble (born 1963) is a British visual artist. In 2012, he was nominated for the Turner Prize alongside Spartacus Chetwynd, Luke Fowler and Elizabeth Price.

Life and career[edit]

Noble studied at Humberside College of Higher Education (1983–1986) and Sunderland Polytechnic (1982–1983),[1] before moving to London in 1987.[2] He was one of the five founder members of the co-operative who formed the City Racing gallery in London (1988–98).[3] Noble is most well known as the creator of Nobson Newtown. In 2000 Noble was the recipient of an award from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


Noble has exhibited his work at Cubitt Gallery (1995); Chisenhale Gallery (1998); Tate Gallery (1999); and Whitechapel Art Gallery (2004). Paul Noble created a new installation for the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne, in October 2010, inspired by the history of the Gallery building.

In 2011, Paul Noble presented TENT, an exhibition at Cooper Gallery, DJCAD, University of Dundee and an Artist's book with the same title. Both connect to the artist's long term Nobson Newtown project and Noble introduced TENT with the following quote: "There is a clearing in a wooded area on the edge of town that is a quiet place for those people who find even the unpopulated Nobson Newtown too crowded".[4]

Noble is represented by Gagosian Gallery [5]


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