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Paul O'Dette at the Festival Oude Muziek 2013 in Utrecht.

Paul R. O'Dette (born February 2, 1954, Columbus, Ohio, United States) is an American lutenist, conductor, and musicologist specializing in early music.

O'Dette began playing the electric guitar in a rock band in Columbus, Ohio, where he grew up. Eventually this led him into playing guitar transcriptions of lute music, and not long after that he opted for the lute (as well as the related archlute, theorbo, and Baroque guitar) as his primary instruments, and now he specializes in the performance of Renaissance and Baroque music. He has made more than 120 recordings, earning five Grammy nominations and numerous other awards. In addition to his activities as a performer, Paul O'Dette is an avid researcher, having worked extensively on the performance and sources of seventeenth-century Italian and English solo song, continuo practices and lute technique.

Since 1976, he has served as Professor of Lute and Director of Early Music at the Eastman School of Music in New York. He is the Co-Artistic Director of the Boston Early Music Festival. He lives in Rochester, New York with his wife, son, and daughter.

Selected Discography[edit]

  • The English Lute: Music by John Dowland and William Byrd
  • English Lute Duets (1985) (with Jakob Lindberg)
  • Intabolature Da Leuto Del Divino Francesco Da Milano (1986)
  • Ancient Airs and Dances (1987)
  • Robin is to the Greenwood Gone: Elizabethan Lute Music (1987)
  • J.H. Kapsberger: Il Tedesco della Tiorba (1990) (reissued as Baroque Lute Music, Vol. I: Kapsberger)
  • Lord Herbert of Cherbury's Lute Book (1992)
  • Dolcissima et Amorosa: Early Italian Renaissance Lute Music (1994) (reissued as Lute Music, Volume 2: Early Italian Music)
  • John Dowland Complete Lute Works (5 volumes, 1995-1997)
  • Alla Venetiana: Early 16th Century Venetian Lute Music (1997)
  • ¡Jácaras!: 18th Century Spanish Baroque Guitar Music of Santiago de Murcia (1998) (with Andrew Lawrence-King, Pedro Estevan, Pat O'Brien, and Steve Player)
  • Apollo's Banquet: 17th Century Music from the Publications of John Playford (1998) (with David Douglass, and Andrew Lawrence-King) (reissued as English Country Dances: 17th Century Music from the Publications of John Playford)
  • Robin Hood: Elizabethan Ballad Settings (2001)
  • Simone Molinaro: Fantasie, Canzoni e Balli (2001)
  • The Royal Lewters: Music of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I's Favourite Lutenists (2002)
  • Nicholas Vallet: Le Secret des Muses (2005)
  • Daniel Bacheler: The Bachelar's Delight (2006)
  • The Christmas Album (2006) (with Ellen Hargis)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Lute Works, Volume I (2007)
  • Melchior Neusidler: Lute Music (2008)
  • Marco dall'Aquila: Pieces for Lute (2010)
  • Francesco da Milano: Il Divino (2013)
  • My Favorite Downland (2014)

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