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Paul Ortiz
Birth namePaul Antonio Ortiz
BornFebruary 19, 1984
OriginEssex,  United Kingdom
GenresProgressive metal, djent, ambient
InstrumentsElectric guitar, bass guitar, piano, synthesizer, drums
Years active2004–present
LabelsBasick Records
Associated actsChimp Spanner
Blessed Inertia
Poetry in Telegrams

Paul Antonio Ortiz is an English multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work under the pseudonym, or solo project, of Chimp Spanner. He recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in his home studio, both the 2005 album Imperium Vorago and 2009's At The Dream's Edge. Ortiz has also composed for computer games, advertising, television and radio — and for clients ranging from Red Bull to Dolby Laboratories — and mixed and mastered albums for other musicians.

Music productions[edit]

Chimp Spanner[edit]

Ortiz categorizes the work under his Chimp Spanner moniker as an ambient/progressive metal project, combining heavy guitars with ambient textures, electronica and melodic elements, whilst also demonstrating his guitar virtuosity. Chimp Spanner is often labelled as djent or progressive metal.[citation needed] 2005 saw the release of his debut album Imperium Vorago, which as well as being self financed and produced, was also distributed by Ortiz himself, without the backing of a distribution company. Ortiz released his second album entitled At The Dream's Edge in December 2009. The album is available in a physical format and as a download.

On 5 March 2010, Ortiz's project Chimp Spanner signed a deal with Basick Records[1] for the album At the Dream's Edge, which was officially released April 10, 2010.

With the signing to Basick Records, Ortiz began to perform live under the alias Chimp Spanner. The live Chimp Spanner lineup consists of himself, guitarist Jim Hughes, bassist Adam Swan (also of Monuments) and drummer Boris Le Gal.

In early 2012, Ortiz released his first EP under the Chimp Spanner name, All Roads Lead Here, which is focused around a three-movement piece called Möbius. The EP was originally scheduled to be released in May 2011, but was delayed due to personal reasons.

In July/August 2012, Chimp Spanner embarked on their first tour of the United States, alongside Jeff Loomis, The Contortionist, and 7 Horns 7 Eyes. Ortiz enlisted Anup Sastry (Intervals, Skyharbor) and Gregory Macklin (Ordinance) to handle drum and guitar duties respectively, since he could not bring his regular live band to the US with him.

Ortiz is currently[when?] writing material for a new Chimp Spanner full-length.

Blessed Inertia[edit]

In October 2009, Ortiz unveiled a new project under the name Blessed Inertia. Classed as technical progressive metal on its Myspace page, Blessed Inertia is a more straightforward, guitar-driven project. Ortiz stated that Blessed Inertia would be his live band, and although currently instrumental, would incorporate a vocalist at a later date. The project is currently on hiatus due to Ortiz's commitments to Chimp Spanner. Alongside Ortiz, Blessed Inertia currently only consists of one other member, Chimp Spanner's live guitarist Jim Hughes. Both Ortiz and Hughes are cited as playing guitar, bass and drums.


Ortiz was a live guitarist for Monuments before they secured Olly Steele (formerly of Cyclamen) as their full time second guitarist.

Freelance compositions[edit]

Ortiz has also written music for use in the Ambient Metal Constructions series. The series consists of three Producer Loops sample packs, sold by the audio production company Prime Loops. He has also been cited offering music composition services for anything from theatre and dance projects, to television and multimedia ventures, with an aim to write music for video games and small films.


Ortiz uses Ibanez 7 and 8 string guitars and Line 6 POD digital amp modelling units both in the studio and live. He uses Steinberg Cubase as his main DAW for recording.[citation needed]


As Chimp Spanner[edit]

Date of release Title
2005 Imperium Vorago
2009 At the Dream's Edge
2012 All Roads Lead Here (EP)

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