Paul Radu

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Paul Radu
A photograph of four men in a room, three of them sitting down, all surrounding a black videocamera on a black tripod with windows in the background
Paul Radu being interviewed for the human trafficking documentary film Not My Life (left to right: Radu, Richard Young, Robert Bilheimer)
Residence Bucharest
Nationality Romanian
Citizenship Romania
Occupation Investigative journalist
Employer Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Summer School of Investigative Reporting
Organization Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism
Known for Investigating transnational crime in Eastern Europe

Paul Radu is an investigative journalist based in Bucharest, Romania.[1] He is the director of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.[2] He is also one of the cofounders of the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism.[3] He investigates transnational crime in Eastern Europe.[4] He has received multiple international awards for his journalism.[5] He believes that journalists should not be activists, but should rather trust that objective journalism is a sufficient contribution to whatever causes one might otherwise advocate.[6] He teaches at the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Summer School of Investigative Reporting.[7] In 2008, he sat on a Central European Initiative jury to name that year's best investigative journalist; the jury chose Drago Hedl.[8] In 2009, he appeared on 48 Hours investigating sexual slavery and human trafficking in Romania.[9] He has also investigated human trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[10]


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