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Paul Rauch (1930 – December 10, 2012[1]) was an American television and film producer. Rauch's work was primarily in American soap operas.


Rauch's earlier jobs included Vice President, Programs-East Coast for CBS, Supervising Producer for Procter & Gamble, and Music Critic for an English-language edition of the Japanese Yomiuri Shimbun, a job he held in his mid-twenties.

In 2009 Paul Rauch was named “The Greatest Daytime Producer of All Time” by TV Guide Canada, while he served as co-executive producer of the #1 daytime show The Young & the Restless. Rauch also produced the feature films Lover's Knot (Cannes Film Festival) and Run the Wild Fields (Film Advisory Board Award, special honors at the Sarasota Film Festival, Emmy, Best Family Film), as well as the 100-episode primetime series Poor Nastya for Sony Pictures Int. and Russia 3.

Another World[edit]

Rauch is best known for his work on Another World, which he produced from 1972 to 1982. For much of that time, he worked in conjunction with Head Writer Harding Lemay, and the team garnered the show critical acclaim and strong ratings. In the 1970s Daytime ratings, Another World ranked overall #2 below As The World Turns and #3 The Guiding Light.

Rauch led the show to an expanded hour format in 1975, which was a success. However, a subsequent time expansion to 90 minutes in 1979 was less successful though the expanded show lasted for one and a half years. During his tenure on Another World, he was the co-creator and executive producer of three other soap operas, Lovers and Friends, For Richer For Poorer, and Texas (the other creators being John William and Joyce Corrington), spin-off of Another World, that aired on NBC from 1980 to 1982. In addition to being co-creator, he held the title of Executive Producer until 1981.[2]

Other credits[edit]

Following his stint on Another World (1972-1982), Lovers and Friends, For Richer For Poorer, Texas (1980-1981), he produced One Life to Live from 1983 to 1991 - and as executive producer from 1984 to 1991. In addition, he was the executive producer of the serial Santa Barbara from 1991 to 1993, and Guiding Light from 1996 to 2002. From 2003 to 2005, he was an executive consulting producer to a period-drama that aired on Russian television, called Bednaya Nastya. From 2008 to 2011, he was the executive producer of the serial The Young and the Restless.

Santa Barbara[edit]

On the final episode of Santa Barbara on January 15, 1993, there was a roll-call list of the cast and crew. The final shot consisted of Paul Rauch standing in front of the camera, smashing a cigar under his shoe, and walking away. Nonetheless, that final shot caused controversy.

Guiding Light[edit]

On August 22, 2013, Grant Aleksander, who had portrayed Phillip Spaulding on Guiding Light from 1983 through the series finale in 2009, revealed in an interview with Carolyn Hinsey that Paul Rauch had been working on a continuation of Guiding Light at the time of his death on December 10, 2012. According to the interview he had consulted with the Big Networks executives regarding the proposal and Procter & Gamble were interested as well.[3]

Personal life[edit]

At the time of his death, aged 78, Rauch was married to concert pianist Israela Margalit. The couple lived in New York City.

Positions held[edit]

Vice President, Daytime Programs, CBS Vice President, Programs - East Coast, CBS (1970-1972)


Another World

  • Executive Producer (November 1971 - 1983)

One Life to Live

  • Executive Producer (1984 - 1991)

Santa Barbara

  • Executive Producer (January 1992 - January 15, 1993)

Guiding Light

  • Executive Producer (November 1996 - December 24, 2002)

The Young and the Restless

  • Consultant (August 2008 - October 2, 2008)
  • Co-Executive Producer (October 3, 2008 - May 10, 2011)

Television history[edit]

Preceded by
Lyle B. Hill
Executive Producer of Another World
December 1971 — Spring 1983
Succeeded by
Allen M. Potter
Preceded by
Executive Producer of Texas
August 4, 1980 — April 1981
Succeeded by
Gail Kobe
Preceded by
Jean Arley
Executive Producer of One Life to Live
August 1984 — June 1991
Succeeded by
Linda Gottlieb
Preceded by
John Conboy
Executive Producer of Santa Barbara
(with Bridget and Jerome Dobson)

June 1991 — January 15, 1993
Succeeded by
Show canceled
Preceded by
Michael Laibson
Executive Producer of Guiding Light
November 1996 — December 24, 2002
Succeeded by
John Conboy
Preceded by
Josh Griffith
Executive Producer of The Young and the Restless
(with Maria Arena Bell)

October 3, 2008 — May 10, 2011
Succeeded by
Maria Arena Bell

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