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Paul Sayer (born 4 October 1955,[1] South Milford, near Leeds[2]) is an English author. His first novel, The Comforts of Madness won the 1988 Whitbread Award for both Best First Novel, and Book of the Year.[3]


Born in South Milford near Leeds, Sayer has lived in and around York since the age of 18. He was working as a psychiatric nurse in Clifton Hospital in York whilst writing his first prizewinning novel,[4] drawing on his own experiences it is a first-person account of a speechless, catatonic patient in a hospital therapy unit.[2] Over the next few years he went on to write five further novels, but the last Men in Rage, published in 1999 did not sell well and as he explains in to The Press (York) after further rejections he gave up writing, eventually ending up working as a cleaner in a school. He then decided to write a novel about adolescence, So Like Totally, which was published in 2010[4] with help from The Royal Literary Fund.[5] He now lives in Haxby.[4]



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