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Paul Sietsema (born 1968) is an artist based in Los Angeles and Berlin.

Early life and education[edit]

Sietsema grew up in Orange County, California.[1] He completed his undergraduate studies at University of California at Berkeley in 1992. In 1996, he enrolled in UCLA's New Genres graduate program and began studying with Charles Ray, Chris Burden and Paul McCarthy.[1] He received an MFA from UCLA in 1999.


Sietsema’s diverse imagery is about art and the representation of art. In this respect he is seen as following in the footsteps of Pictures Generation artists like Sherrie Levine and Louise Lawler.[2] He has been compared to fellow artists of his generation, including Jim Lambie, Anthony Burdin, Eli Sudbrack, Aida Ruilova and John Bock.[3]

Sietsema uses "photographs and other objects that reference specific bodies of knowledge as starting points for his carefully crafted drawings and sculptures, which he then films."[4] For example, his 16-minute black-and-white film Figure 3 (2008) shows a series of still images of what appear to be old artifacts. There are partly broken ceramic bowls and vases; pottery shards; dirty, woven mattes; old, crusty coins; and so on. However, all the supposed artifacts represented were made by hand by Sietsema.[2] Sietsema took as his inspiration the precolonial ethnographic objects found in various locations—including Africa, Indo-Asia, and the South Pacific region of Oceania—that he had collected since 2001.[5]

Sietsema has been a Guggenheim Fellow since 2005 and a German Academic Exchange Service Fellow since 2008.[4]


Seitsema has exhibited at:

He is represented by Matthew Marks Gallery in New York.


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