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Paul Simpson is a musician, vocalist, lyricist and writer from Liverpool, England. His vocal and lyrical styles have been described as "haunting" and "doomed romantic",[by whom?] respectively. Musically, his contributions have crossed the genres of synthpop, post-punk, neo-psychedelia, new wave and ambient.

Early career[edit]

His music career began in the late 1970s, commencing with the bedsit collaboration with Julian Cope, Ian McCulloch and others under the name 'A Shallow Madness'. This later transformed into the Cope-lead Teardrop Explodes, while McCulloch went on to form Echo & the Bunnymen. Around this time, Simpson shared a flat with Bunnymen drummer Pete de Freitas.

He left the Teardrops in 1979 to form his own band The Wild Swans in 1980. Between the two incarnations of the band, he was also co-founder of the duo Care with Ian Broudie, later of the Lightning Seeds.

Care broke up around 1984 and after a while, he and a Mark II version of The Wild Swans re-formed to record 1988's Bringing Home The Ashes and 1989's Space Flower.

Speaking of his past, he recalls, with some humour, the early Teardrops and Wild Swans period where he often sported enormous baggy trousers and a foppish, 'Brideshead Revisited' haircut.

Later career[edit]

Subsequent to a final parting of the ways for The Wild Swans in 1990, Simpson embarked on a variety of more-or-less solo projects, including 'The White Capsule' and 'Skyray'. For most of his later career, he has abstained from singing, preferring to compose instrumental pieces and channel his more literary talents into creative, sometimes auto-biographical writing, extracts from which occasionally appear on his website, sometimes in the form of a diary.

In 2011, the current revival of The Wild Swans performed two shows in the Philippines, one concert in Cebu on 30 September and the other at the Mall of Asia Complex in Manila on 1 October 2011.


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