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Paul Solomon
William Dove

(1939-07-07)July 7, 1939
Rogers, Arkansas, United States
DiedMarch 4, 1994(1994-03-04) (aged 54)
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Cause of deathWounds received while trying to free an enslaved Thai child
Known forProphecy, Channelling

Paul Solomon (7 July 1939 – 4 March 1994)[1][2] was a professed psychic and seer who claimed to channel answers to questions asked of him from a metaphysical "Source".[3] He considered himself a mystic following the tradition set by Emanuel Swedenborg, Andrew Jackson Davis and Edgar Cayce.[4] These readings described subjects such as the former existence of Atlantis, general health, future changes to the Earth, sexuality, and religion.

Although Solomon was raised as a devout Baptist, his readings mention non-Christian teachings. Similar to Cayce, Solomon discusses Akashic records and reincarnation, as well as the nature of space, time, and matter. Solomon created the Fellowship of the Inner Light in 1972,[5] an interfaith Church with a focus on spirituality.

Solomon worked as a humanitarian, and also gave lectures about spirituality.[3] After having worked with Mother Teresa, he participated in founding Dignity International,[6] a human rights organization. In 1993, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the enslaved children of Thailand.[1][3][6] He was awarded an honorary Doctorate from New Seminary for his continued interest and study of the Bible.[2]



Paul Solomon was born William Bilo Dove in Rogers, Arkansas.[2] His father, Paul, was a Baptist minister,[1] and the family often moved as a result of his father's career.[7] As a child, Paul displayed seemingly paranormal behavior, which his parents believed to be derived from the devil.[8] He claimed to see auras, describing them as "good or bad lights" which surrounded a person, as well as being able to "read" books by placing them against his stomach to "absorb" their contents. At school, Solomon's classmates tested him by writing messages in their books to see if he could recall them.[2] After being informed about these events, Solomon's parents implied that exhibiting paranormal activities was evil. Feeling guiltly about his actions, Solomon attempted suicide by cutting his chest.[8] After having recovered, Solomon prayed and experienced a religious vision, which would later factor in his decision to become "the youngest ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Church" at the age of fifteen.[2][9]

Marriage, divorce, and hypnotism[edit]

After finishing High School, Solomon joined the Army.[2] He married in 1959 and had a daughter.[9][10] After leaving the army, he enrolled at a Baptist Seminary as a minister. He worked as a preacher throughout Texas as well as opening a Prison ministry.[2] In 1963, Solomon's wife left him; the couple then divorced.[2][9] Unable to work as a Baptist minister due to his divorce, Paul worked sporadically, taking on several different jobs.[11] In 1971, Paul became depressed after his housemates left their shared home[12] and turned to hypnotism to alleviate his depression. Harry Snipes II,[13] an acquaintance and amateur hypnotist, hypnotized Paul. Snipes suggested that the responses to his questions during the hypnosis were not Solomon's, but were from another source, or something more powerful than Solomon's own mind.[2] In an attempt to verify Snipes' claim, Solomon traveled to ask his father whether he believed the results of his readings were heretical. Solomon's father said that he believed the responses were "of God" and that Solomon's "life work" was to investigate his supposed contact with the Holy Spirit.[2]

Readings and teaching[edit]

Solomon and Snipes pursued their hypnotism sessions, although Snipes would leave some time later.[2] Solomon's "Source" told the pair that hypnosis was not necessary, but that he should instead close his eyes, at which point he would be "guided".[2] Solomon began using his pseudonym Paul Solomon when approached by a journalist who suggested that he should use a pseudonym to protect his private life.[14] Paul Solomon was a name received during a reading, which Solomon's "Source" described as meaning "Expositor of Wisdom".[15]

Over a period of spanning from 1972 to 1993, Solomon gave more than 1500 readings.[3] He felt though that those who received information during his readings were not using the information they received in the correct manner. He also maintained that his readings were not essential, as everyone has the same ability to contact "The Source".[16] Solomon attracted attention from the CIA, which was interested in his abilities and wished to use them to garner information on the KGB. The CIA withdrew its request after he suggested that feeling love towards members of the KGB was an essential component of the endeavor.[17]

The "Inner Light Consciousness", a set of techniques for attuning the senses to the spiritual,[18] was developed and taught by Solomon. He authored the book The Meta-Human: A Handbook for Personal Transformation. He also produced the audio courses Inner Light Consciousness on meditation practice and The Self-Esteem Survival Kit on self-improvement.

Illness and death[edit]

Solomon fell seriously ill with pancreatic problems in 1984. He went into cardiac arrest three times while staying in hospital and reported an out of body experience on each occasion. During these experiences he reported seeing angels and having further contact with "The Source".[19] His health continued to falter until 1990 when he returned to hospital. Solomon attributes his rapid recovery to his affirmation that he wanted to live, and that he recovered from his malady in one day.[20] He spent the last four years of his life working on humanitarian projects as well as teaching, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for his help with enslaved children in Thailand.[1][3][6] He was seriously injured while attempting to free an 11-year-old slave and[21] died at his home in Virginia Beach on 4 March 1994 after returning from Thailand.

Themes in Readings[edit]

Map of Pangaea


Atlantis is described in the readings as having been a major continent situated between South America and Europe. Several cataclysms, some man-made, are described as having caused the continent to break into islands, and finally to sink altogether in approximately 10,000 BC.[22] Atlantean civilization is described as evolving from the activities of souls manifesting in material forms through the use of what today would be seen as latent abilities,[23] and developed into a technologically advanced civilization similar to that of contemporary man, with some differences. They are said to have harnessed the power of crystals to focus light and other forms of energy, and used this to power flying machines. These machines were propelled through the balancing of the energy and magnetism generated by the Earth and the Sun.[24]

"The Great Crystal" was described as central to the Atlantean way of life, and was of a hexagonal shape with appendages which contained magnetic energy. When light passed through the crystal, it created an electro-magnetic power which, through the use of an antenna, could be used as a source of power. Crystals were also used for spiritual purposes, specifically as a tool to link the two hemispheres of the brain. This "integrated mind" was able to directly access the Akashic records.[25] Moreover, crystals also had a medicinal value: the sun's focused rays were refracted through crystals to cast different patterns onto the various diseased or affected areas of the body. The rays would rejuvenate failing cells, reversing the effects of aging.[24] The misuse of crystal power is posited as part of the reason for the destruction of Atlantis. The power derived from crystals was claimed to have been manipulated by "dark forces" and then used as a weapon.[25] The overpowering of the crystal by hyper-focused energy from the sun caused cataclysmic events such as earthquakes.[24]

Jesus Christ[edit]

Jesus, according to Solomon, was born as a mortal who would later ascertain Christ consciousness, a spiritual attunement with the oneness of God. Although it has been suggested that there have been several figures who have acted with this consciousness, Jesus is described as causing the most significant change in man's thinking.[26] Adam is presented as the first incarnation of Jesus, a figure who was sent to Earth to free beings who had become trapped within the world of the senses.

And there would be in the heart the seeing of this man, even in this moment, as a man wearing a pearl-gray robe, all of one piece, flowing about Him, with steel-blue, piercing eyes, with the dark reddish eyebrows, and with the beard that parts in the center and has two peaks coming down from the chin. The hair would be seen as a very deep, rich, wine-red - the color of new wine, and flowing down to the shoulders and curling about the shoulders. The fingers would be seen as long and tapered and you would see on the small finger of the left hand one long nail that always was worn long.

— Paul Solomon gives a description of Jesus[27]

John of Peniel and the Second Coming[edit]

Solomon suggests that the second coming of Christ does not only relate to Jesus's return but also to the Christ consciousness which he possessed. The Second Coming is then portrayed as the birth of another person who, similar to Jesus, exemplifies the Christ consciousness. This person, who is referred to as John of Peniel, will then cause those already living to elevate to an equal level, enabling them to achieve Christ consciousness.[28] Solomon claims that Peniel is the reincarnation of John the Apostle and that his purpose is to end the duality and separation of man.[29] Solomon has also suggested that Peniel will only appear on a global scale when confronted with the figure of the Antichrist. Confronting this Antichrist figure, he will help to reveal further aspects of Earth's history, as well as the history of pre-Earth events.[30]

Solomon contends that Peniel is Jewish and lives in the East.[31] As a child, he purportedly referred to himself as the reincarnation of King David.[32] While Solomon uses the name John of Peniel, also used by Cayce,[33] this is not considered his true name. The surname Peniel was chosen because of its meaning, "where I met Him face to face."[34][35] Presently, however, Peniel does not "realize his own identity". Solomon claims that this will be revealed to him when he helps to open the Hall of Records. John of Peniel's rise to international prominence is not given an exact date. Instead, it is posited as happening approximately 7 years "after the 2nd battle has begun to rage", an event caused by the actions of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and the United States.[36]

Hall of Records[edit]

The Hall of Records is a legendary library which is currently inaccessible and is thought to be situated under the Great Sphinx of Giza.[37] Supposedly, access to the Hall can only be realized when man discovers a way to allow solids to pass through one another, through inter-dimensional travel and the manipulation of spacetime rather than a literal movement of one solid through another.[38] The Hall is said to contain information accrued by former civilizations on how to harness the natural energy of the Earth, thereby eliminating the need for fossil fuels. As well as housing descriptions of how to use crystals to magnify and implement the suns rays, The Hall is also home to artefacts from these former civilizations, such as their clothes, instruments, and food.[39]

The Profound Relaxation Experience (P.R.E.) table[edit]

The readings suggested the construction of a table that would use sound as a means for relaxation and healing. Music at the rate of 60 beats per minute such as baroque music at largo tempo for relaxation was suggested. The speakers are placed beneath the mattress of this table, bringing the sound vibrations through the mattress to the body. The vibrations created by the table increase blood circulation and cause the breakup of the crystalline formations which are carried away by the body and eliminated.

The arresting hypothesis underpinning the creation of the device is that factors foreign to the body as germs viruses are only secondary to the condition of the muscular and skeletal system of the body. The readings identified building of calcium and mineral deposits around the joints as a major factor for stress and illness.

The table is not commercially available today, though some tables may still be in use.


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