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Paul E. Sperry
OccupationPundit, author, investigative journalist
Notable worksMuslim Mafia; Infiltration; Crude Politics

Paul E. Sperry is an American conservative author and political commentator. He was a media fellow at the Hoover Institution, a public policy think tank.[1][2]

Journalism and political commentary[edit]

Sperry has previously been the Washington Bureau Chief at Investor's Business Daily and WorldNetDaily.

He wrote pieces in The Wall Street Journal and made regular appearances on Fox News and other media outlets. He currently regularly writes op-ed pieces for the New York Post.[3][4]


In the wake of the Fort Hood Shooting, he gave an interview to Coast to Coast AM on November 7, 2009, about his co-authored book Muslim Mafia.[5] In 2011, he published "The Great American Bank Robbery", a book about how the government's attempt to increase minority home-ownership helped create the sub-prime housing crisis.


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