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Paul Street - Film Director. Paul Street (Film Director).

Paul Street is a British television commercial and film director, best known for resurrecting Steve McQueen in the 1998 Ford Puma TV Commercial.


Paul directed his first commercial at age 19 and his first documentary at age 20. He left South Bank University with an Art Diploma before embarking on a Film, TV, & Animation course at Croydon Technical College. He turned down an offer of an MA at the Royal College of Art to pursue his directing career, working at Central Television as a Director/Cameraman for three years.

At age 21, Paul established Streetlight Films a UK commercials and film Development Company. The company quickly gained international recognition with Paul winning Best Director and The Gold Award for BMW “Scales” at the British Film & TV Craft Awards. This and the subsequent award winning Puma spot featuring Steve McQueen firmly established Paul as a groundbreaking commercial director, both in the U.K. and around the world.

Paul Street currently resides between Los Angeles and Brisbane. He recently finished the movie "Borderland" starring Bruce Dern and Peter Fonda and has three other feature film projects in development; "Savage River", "Kayla Crow" and "Claws". Paul joined TAXI FILMS in Australia in 2014 for commercial representation. In 2015 Paul joined THE TRAVELING PICTURE SHOW COMPANY in Los Angeles for US representation for commercials and content.

Commercials Directing[edit]

Paul has directed over 200 Television commercials over a period of 20 years and is a leading figure in automotive and sfx advertising moving image. In 1996 Paul shot the BMW commercial, ‘’Scales’’ which won him a prestigious ‘Best Director’ award at the British Film & TV Craft Awards. This success was repeated two years later with the multi award winning commercial posthumously featuring Steve McQueen for the launch of the Ford Puma. The commercial has subsequently featured in several top 10 lists of great ads for both TV and Cinema and is considered an industry classic.

Street has continued to work with clients such as Becks Beer, Coca Cola, Mercedes, Royal Navy, Hugo Boss and VW: to name a few. The commercials he has worked on heavily feature a mixture of live action and groundbreaking special effects, and pioneered the use of VFX (Flame) and Video Editing (Avid) on set.



  • Inside the Wolf's Lair (1992) TV Pilot
  • Queen of Clubs (1995)
  • Room 9 (2006)
  • The Key (2007)


  • "Streetfighter" web film (2012) Producer


  • "Psychopath" documentary (2014) Exec Producer

Feature Film---

  • "Borderland" Feature Film (2014) Director

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