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Paul Zimmermann, January 2006

Paul Zimmermann (born November 13, 1964) is a French computational mathematician, working at INRIA.

His interests include asymptotically fast arithmetic—he wrote a book[1] on algorithms for computer arithmetic with Richard Brent. He has developed some of the fastest available code for manipulating polynomials over GF(2),[2] and for calculating hypergeometric constants to billions of decimal places.[3] He is associated with the CARAMEL project to develop efficient arithmetic, in a general context and in particular in the context of algebraic curves of small genus; arithmetic on polynomials of very large degree turns out to be useful in algorithms for point-counting on such curves. He is also interested in computational number theory. In particular, he has contributed to some of the record computations in integer factorisation [4] and discrete logarithm.[5]

He has been an active developer of the GMP-ECM implementation of the elliptic curve method for integer factorisation and of MPFR, an arbitrary precision floating point library with correct rounding.

In a 2014 blog post,[6] Zimmerman said that he would refuse invitations to review papers submitted to gold (author-pays) open access and hybrid open access journals, because he disagrees with the publication mechanism.


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