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In the 1920 and 1930s, Paul Zsolnay Verlag published yearbooks containing new pieces, excerpts from the catalogue, felicitations, and other material.

Paul Zsolnay Verlag is an Austrian publishing company.


The company was created in 1923 by Paul Zsolnay.[1] It was the most successful publishing company during the interregnum period, publishing authors such as John Galsworthy, H. G. Wells, Pearl S. Buck, A. J. Cronin, Franz Werfel, Felix Salten, Robert Neumann, Roda Roda, Hilde Spiel, Ernst Lothar, Hans Kaltneker, Friedrich Torberg, Leo Perutz, Heinrich Mann, Kasimir Edschmid, Carl Sternheim, Emil Ludwig, Walter von Molo, and Frank Thiess.[1]

Frank Thiess' "Reich der Daemonen", although called a "Roman" (Novel) is by all means no Novel. It is a cultural summary of a 1000 years of European History (starting with the old Greeks) as there is no other. It deserves new publication (reprint); as does his follow-up "Die Griechischen Kaiser" with the Undertitel "Die Geburt Europas", last published 1958. See review in Die Zeit.

In 1934, Paul Zsolnay started publishing Nazi writers after many of his erstwhile writers had been censored; however, by April 1939, the Gestapo closed down the company.[1] Meanwhile, Paul Zsolnay lived in England from 1938 to 1946.[1] During the Second World War, the company was taken over by Karl H. Bischoff Verlag.[1]


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