Paula Bieler

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Paula Bieler
Paula Bieler
Paula Bieler
Born (1988-03-31) 31 March 1988 (age 29)
Västerås, Sweden
Occupation politician

Paula Bieler, (born 31 March 1988 in Västerås) is a Swedish politician for the Sweden Democrats party.[1][2] She became a member of the party in 2009.[3] She works in Uppsala municipality.[3] In November 2013 Bieler became an elected member of Sweden Democrats party council.[4] In the Swedish general election, 2014, Bieler was the party's number six national candidate for the Riksdag, and was elected a member of the Riksdag.[1] Since April 2014 Bieler has also been the party's official political spokesman on gender and gay rights.[1][2]


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