Paula Frías Allende

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Paula Frías Allende
Born22 October 1963
Died6 December 1992(1992-12-06) (aged 29)
OccupationPsychologist, educator, humanitarian[1]
SpouseErnesto Diaz
RelativesAllende family

Paula Frías Allende (22 October 1963 – 6 December 1992)[4] was an educator and humanitarian who was the daughter of Chilean-American author Isabel Allende. Her grandfather was first cousin to Salvador Allende, President of Chile from 1970 to 1973.[5][6][7] After her death, her mother started a foundation to continue works in Paula's name.


Allende worked as a humanitarian for impoverished communities located in Venezuela and Spain, using her skills as an educator and psychologist. She married Ernesto Diaz in Venezuela, in 1991.[8]

Illness and death[edit]

In 1991, Paula went into a coma after complications of porphyria had hospitalised her.[9] An error in medication resulted in severe brain damage, leaving her in a persistent vegetative state. Her mother had her moved to a hospital in California and later to her home, where she died at the age of 29 on 6 December 1992.[10]

Foundation and memoirs[edit]

Isabel Allende started the Isabel Allende Foundation on December 9, 1996, in homage to her daughter. Her autobiographical book Paula is dedicated to her.[11] The foundation is "dedicated to supporting programs that promote and preserve the fundamental rights of women and children to be empowered and protected."[12]


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