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Paula Volsky is an American fantasy author. Born in Fanwood, New Jersey, she majored in English literature at liberal arts college Vassar in New York State. At the University of Birmingham, England, she received an M.A. in Shakespearian studies. Before writing fantasy, she sold real estate and also worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.[1]

After releasing novels regularly for nearly twenty years, Volsky published no new work for nearly a decade, even though Locus had reported her sale of a "new fantasy trilogy" to Bantam Books in mid-2000.[2] After a long delay, the publisher announced that the final volume had been completed, and that it would issue the books beginning in late 2011.[3] This series is being released under the pseudonym Paula Brandon,[4] with the first book, The Traitor's Daughter, released in October 2011.[5]

Terri Windling described Volsky as "a reliably entertaining storyteller."[6] All her novels written under her own name take place within the same fictional world, often with fantasy plot-lines inspired by historical events.



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