Pauline Bull

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Pauline Bull
Born Pauline Davies
Title Miss England 1976
Spouse(s) Peter Bull
Beauty pageant titleholder
Miss England
Miss Universe 1976
(Miss Photogenic)

Pauline Bull (born Pauline Davies) is a former English model artist and golfer.

Pauline was a draughtswoman until leaving to become a full-time successful photographic fashion model and she went on to win many Beauty titles around Britain.

After winning the Miss England title in the 1970s, she was a semi-finalist in the Miss Universe contest in Hong Kong and won the title 'Miss Photogenic' . Pauline also appeared in many television programmes during her career as a model, appearing in The Generation Game, It's a knockout, PebbleMill at One, and Come Dancing.[1][2]

Pauline went on to become a well known watercolour artist, doing both commercial work for W.H. Smiths, Marks and Spencers and private commission. She exhibited her art in the Mall Galleries in London for the Society of Wildlife Artists and the Society of Women Artist. Pauline also works in photography, comedic writings and is currently working on several projects and a book. Pauline's other passion is golf and she travels extensively to play and after 8 years of learning her handicap is now 11.5.

Her husband, Peter Bull, died after a year's battle with small-celled lung cancer.


She has a brother and sister in the UK.