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Pauline Krikke

Pauline C. Krikke (born 9 May 1961 in Sneek) is a Dutch politician for the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). From 3 September 2001 till 1 July 2013, she was mayor of the municipality of Arnhem.[1][2] Before that, she was an Alderman in the municipality of Amsterdam.[3] Between 9 June 2015 and 16 March 2017 she was a member of the Senate. She has been mayor of The Hague since 17 March 2017.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

After graduating from the Frederik Muller Academy, Krikke studied law for some years at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. At the time she became increasingly involved in both: international relations and public administration. She served on the National Board of the Student Association for International Relations (SIB) and the Executive Committee of the International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN).


After leading the campaign for the VVD in Amsterdam in 1986, she started her own service company for campaigns, congresses and events, meanwhile serving on the boards of Housing Corporation Nieuw Amsterdam, Employers association for Childcarecentres, and the Governments Council of Youth Policy.

Career in local politics, 1994–2013[edit]

In 1994, Krikke was elected for the Amsterdam's City Council, and two years later, she was appointed as Alderman for economic affairs, airports and seaports. After the elections of 1998, she was assigned the portfolios 'economic affairs and employment' and 'urban planning, housing and economy of the inner city'. She has also fulfilled several functions as a council member and commissioner, and was delegation leader of international missions with representatives of companies and institutions from Amsterdam

In 2001 she was appointed by The Crown to be the mayor of Arnhem, and in 2007 for yet another term of six years.

Meanwhile, she held governmental subsidiary positions such as Taskforce Youth Unemployemnt, and Consultative Commission On Disaster Relief. Within her own political party she was Chairperson of the Permanent Committee for scouting Representatives for the National and European Parliaments (2004–2012).

On 29 October 2012, Krikke announced she would not seek a third term as mayor of Arnhem, creating ample time for both the municipality and herself, for "flow, and recalibration of perspectives" before the summer of 2013. On her departure she was made a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.[5]

Member of the Senate, 2015–2017[edit]

Between 2015 and 2017, Krikke served as member of the Senate.

In addition to her parliamentary assignments, Krikke also served as member of the Dutch delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe since 2016. As member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group, she is currently a member of the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media. She was part of a cross-party delegation to observe the 2016 parliamentary elections in Macedonia.[6]

Mayor of the Hague[edit]

In March 2017 she became mayor of The Hague. Almost all local parties supported her appointment.[7]

Other activities[edit]

Krikke has been a Fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States since 1992 and as such participated in the Migration Dialogue 1998–2000. The Eindhoven University of Technology selected Krikke for its Supervisory Board (2003–2011).

Krikke will remain on the board of the Netherlands Red Cross and a member of the Dutch Delegation in the Governing Board of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Furthermore, Krikke is chairperson of the Dutch Road Transport Authority (RDW), Chairperson of the Nationwide Consultation consumer interests Public Transport, Chairperson of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Dutch Association of Insurers, and a member of Association Aegon.


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