Paulino Bernabe II

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Paulino Bernabe II (born 9 June 1960), is a Spanish luthier.

The luthier Paulino Bernabe II in his workshop). June 2012.


Paulino Bernabé learned the art of making classical guitars from his father, Paulino Bernabe Senior, a famous Spanish luthier.[1] Since the early 1980s until shortly before the death of his father in 2007 the master worked together with Bernabe Senior and took over the workshop.[2] Guitars made by Paulino Bernabé II are played by internationally known guitarists, such as John Williams[3] and Johanna Beisteiner. In 2011 he founded the association Spanish Guitar Foundation[4] in order to protect the heritage of the Spanish guitar-making style and promote young artists. The Foundation also has a fine collection of 19th and 20th century guitars.


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