Paulinus II of Antioch

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Paulinus II was a claimant to the See of Antioch from 362 to 388.[1] He was supported by members of the Eustathian party, and was a rival to Meletius of Antioch. The Eustathians objected to Meletius having been consecrated by Arians, and had begun to meet separately. Lucifer of Calaris ordained Paulinus as bishop, thus effecting a schism in the church.[1]

Paulinus was "highly esteemed for piety."[1] He was acknowledged as bishop by Jerome, whom he ordained as priest,[2] and by Epiphanius of Salamis.[3]

Paulinus died in 388. His followers were called "Paulinians."[4]


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Preceded by
Patriarch of Antioch
with Meletius (362–381)
Flavian I (381–388)
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