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In 1977 the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle (the Paulist Fathers) established the US Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association (PNCEA) with the stated mission of equipping Catholics to evangelize, that is, to preach the gospel.


  • Educates clergy, religious and laity to evangelize.
  • Produces relevant publications and programs.
  • Providing training programs and resources to equip Catholics for evangelism.
  • Providing evangelization consulting services to dioceses and parishes.
Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association
Abbreviation PNCEA
Formation July 1, 1977 Washington, DC, USA
Purpose Equip Catholics to share the Good News
Headquarters Washington, DC
Reverend Frank DeSiano, CSP
Parent organization
Paulist Fathers


Fr. Alvin A. Illig, CSP, established the Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association as an apostolate arm of the Paulist Fathers. Illig served as the director from 1977 to 1991 and as the first Executive Director of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Evangelization from 1977 to 1982. In 1983 Pope John Paul II awarded Illig with the Pro Ecclesia et Pontiface medal for his service to the Bishops’ Committee on Evangelization. During his time at PNCEA, Illig focused on evangelization to inactive Catholics and the Americans without religious affiliation.

Resources programs[edit]

Awakening Faith[edit]

Awakening Faith is about attracting inactive Catholics to the Church. It consists of six weekly sessions of conversations around the topics of spirituality, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God's Mercy, the Mass, and the Church. The sessions include reflection, discussion, and prayer.[1]

Best Practices for Parishes[edit]

BPP assesses the quality of seven dimensions of parish life using best practices statements from church documents, pastoral experiences, and ministry experts. The assessment results become the basis for action planning. The seven workbooks are Prayer and Worship, Catechesis, Evangelization, Justice and Charity, Stewardship, Family/Pastoral Care, and Community Building.[2]

Catholic Faith Inventory[edit]

CFI is an online questionnaire with over 100 questions, each pertaining to a certain aspect of the Catholic Faith, to assess respondents' faith.

Disciples in Mission[edit]

Disciples in Mission is a three-year process comprising Sunday liturgies, small faith-sharing groups, catechesis, family activities, teen groups, planning, and follow –up activities to provide experience of Evangelization. Since 1996 over 4,500,000 Catholics in over 3,600 parishes across the United States have participated in Disciples in Mission.[3]


ENVISION is a parish planning process that involves parishioners.[4]

Paulist Evangelization Training Institute[edit]

PETI uses an online classroom where students view narrated presentations by the instructor, answer weekly discussion questions, and engage in conversations with classmates. It offers several different topics including: The Evangelizing Catholic, Go and Make Disciples, Outreach to Inactive Catholics, Forming Teen Disciples, Faithful Celebration of Mass, Good News and Religious Pluralism, Faithful Citizenship, From Maintenance to Mission, and Spiritual Grandparenting. Courses range in length from 4 to 12 weeks.[5]

Evangelization Exchange[edit]

E-Exchange is a free electronic newsletter published 10 times per year. The newsletter provides evengelization leaders with information on new opportunities and resources, and emerging trends.[6]

Prison ministries[edit]

PNCEA Prison Ministries provides chaplains and volunteers ministering in correctional facilities with Bibles, newsletters (Let's Talk! and ¡Hablemos!), prayer cards, and other Catholic religious materials, free of charge. PNCEA Prison Ministries is entirely supported by donors.[7]


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