Paulus Bor

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Paulus Bor
Born1601 (1601)
DiedAugust 10, 1669(1669-08-10) (aged 67–68)
Other namesOrlando
Known forPainting
Aleijda van Crachtwijck
(m. 1632)
  • Paulus Bor (father)
Pieter de Grebber,
Salomon de Bray

Paulus Bor (c.1601 – 10 August 1669; Dutch: [ˈpʌulʏz ˈbɔr]) was a Dutch artist, representative of the "Golden Age", member of the art society "Bentvueghels".


Unknown artist. The ritual of admission to membership in the society "Birds of a Feather", 1660
Paulus Bor, The Annunciation of the Virgin's Death, c. 1635–1640, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Bor, who was born and died in Amersfoort, was descended from a notable Catholic family.[1] He made a study trip to Rome, where he was one of the founders of the Bentvueghels, taking the nickname Orlando.[2] He returned in 1626 to Amersfoort and joined Jacob van Campen in the decoration of the palace Honselaarsdijk belonging to Frederik Hendrik.[3] In 1635, painted after a stay in Rome, significant is the work "La Maddalena".[4] In 1656, he became regent of the godshuis "De Armen de Poth" in Amersfoort.[1]

Bor's style of painting was rather at odds with that of contemporary painters from Utrecht. He initially painted rather Caravaggisti-like history paintings, but his works fast became marked by a classicism related to that of his townsman van Campen. Through unusual compositions and primitive technique, his paintings depict strange and mysterious subjects.

Selected works[edit]

  • The Annunciation of the Virgin's Death (Dutch: De Annunciatie door Gabriël aan de Maagd van haar ophanden zijnde dood), c. 1635–1640 (National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa)


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