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Paungdale` is a small town about 12 miles from Pyay and 13 miles from Pauk Khaung ေပါက္ေခါင္း in Myanmar. Notable people from Paungdale` include U Ne Winဗိုလ္ခ်ုပ္ၿကီး ေနဝင္း ].U Aung Htwe (ဒုတိယ ဗိုလ္ခ်ုပ္ၿကီး ေအာင္ေထြး ) စာေ၇းဆ၇ာ တကၠသိုလ္ဘုန္းနိုင္ Bhone Naing (Novelist) Famous Author

Paungdale is founded by Along Si -Thu King (အေလာင္းစည္သူမင္း) Original name was Faung Daw Hlae (ေဖာင္ေတာ္လွည့္) and change gradually to ေပါင္းတလည္

Although Paungdale is a small town, it has good transport and good communication. Most of the people are Farmers Second most are worked at governmental services ( Teachers, Doctors,and others.....)

  • Famous Pagodas in Paungdale are သဒၵမမဥၥီ ကုန္းတန္း Faung-Daw -Hlae (ေဖာင္ေတာ္လွည့္) and Zat Ngar Yar ဇာတ္ငါး၇ာဘု၇ားၿကီး
  • Religion -Most are the Tharavarda Buddhisms
  • Education - One Basic education High School( BEHS Paungdale), Two BEMS(Basic Education Middle School) and four Basic primary Schools
  • Hospital- 16 -bedded Paungdale Hospital
  • Economics- Paungdale Market in centre of Paungdale and is very crowded especially Sunday
  • Transport- Paungdale-Pyay bus, Paukkhaung-Pyay bus,Pyay-Sin Mee Swe' bus (in paungdale and near villages by Htaw Lar G (ေထာ္လာဂ်ီ) bicycle, motorcycle)
  • Communication- one Teleport[clarification needed] and post office

Coordinates: 18°51′N 95°23′E / 18.850°N 95.383°E / 18.850; 95.383