Pauper Party of Ontario

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The Pauper Party of Ontario is a minor provincial political party in the province of Ontario, Canada. It was founded and is led by perennial candidate John Turmel under the slogan stating "we want no cops in gambling, sex or drugs or rock and roll, we want no usury on loans, pay cash or time, no dole."[1] Turmel has characterized the policies of the party as "Social Credit Libertarian".[2]

The party first ran in the 2011 provincial election when it stood two candidates. Turmel in Brant received 86 votes and Michael Spottiswood received 114 votes in London North Centre. Turmel has contested three further by-elections on behalf of the party. The party runs on Turmel's platform of legalizing gambling, legalizing marijuana and instituting monetary reform and bartering in the form of the Local Exchange Trading System.[3]