On Tiptoes

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On Tiptoes
Also known as Pavarchin
Genre Comedy
Written by Peyman Ghasem Khani
Directed by Mehran Modiri
Starring Mehran Modiri
Javad Razavian
Siamak Ansari
Mohammad Reza Hedayati
Sahar Zakaria
Shaghayegh Dehghan
Sahar Valadbeigi
Saeid Pirdoost
Saed Hedayati
Vahid Mahindoost
Ebrahim Abadi (primary episodes actor)
Hayedeh Haeri (primary episodes actress)
Kamran Ali Foiuzat (primary episodes actor)
Mokhtar Saeghi (primary episodes actor)
Country of origin Iran
Original language(s) Persian
No. of episodes 123 Episodes
Producer(s) Hamid Aghagolian
Majid Aghagolian
Location(s) Tehran, Iran
Editor(s) Javad Aslani
Running time 40-50 Minutes
Production company(s) IRIB
Original network Tehran TV
Original release Thursday 10 September 2002 – Friday 10 January 2003
Preceded by 90 Nights
Followed by The Dots
Related shows Barareh Nights

On Tiptoes (Persian: پاورچین‎‎) is an Iranian television comedy serial. It was broadcast for the first time by the IRIB on Thursday 10 September 2002 until Thursday 10 January 2003. It could usually be seen every night at 8:00 p.m. Tehran time on Tehran TV, also known as Channel 5 in Iran. Later due to the popularity of the show, episodes were shown in syndication on various Iranian provincial channels as well as IRIB 1 & IRIB 2 for those living out of the country. It was directed by Mehran Modiri.

Summary of the Story[edit]

On Tiptoes's episodes mostly dealt with the situations that Farhad (Mehran Modiri), an architect living in Tehran would end up in along with members of his family and friends. Farhad was originally from a fictional village in Iran, named Barareh. He had moved to Tehran, when he had been accepted into university. He eventually settled in Tehran and married a woman named Mahtab (Sahar Zakaria). The real story though begins when Farhad's cousin, Davoud (Javad Razavian) moves to Tehran from Barareh to find a job. Davoud has very little in terms of education, and still carries a thick accent, showing his Barareh roots. Farhad's sister, Shadi(Sahar Valad-Beigi) also has come to Tehran to begin her studies in university. Toghrol, an old man who hates anything related to Barareh is a friend of Mahtab's family, and helps maintain the property which Farhad and his wife live on. Farhad and Davoud are often the recipients of severe beatings from Toghrol. Davoud finds employment at the engineering company Farhad works at. Davoud has to be the tea-boy because of his poor educational background. Davoud slowly starts reminding Farhad of his village's culture and ways, which often would give hilarious results. Davoud would eventually marry Yasaman, and soon after Mahtab's brother would become a cast member, eventually marrying Farhad's sister.

Related series[edit]

Shabhaye Barareh is the prequel to On Tiptoes. Shabhaye Barareh is set in Barareh and describes Farhad's family more than fifty years ago. The series also has many of the cast members from other Modiri works such as Noghtechin, and Jayezeye Bozorg. In On Tiptoes Modiri plays the role of Farhad, and Shir Farhad(Farhad's father). In Shabhaye Barareh, Modiri is playing the younger version of Shir Farhad. Shabhaye Barareh also features Toghrol, showing him to have had a military career in his youth, hence his strict behaviour and attitude.

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