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Pavel Ţugui (born November 1, 1921) is a former Romanian communist activist and literary historian.

Born in Vicovu de Jos, Suceava County, he graduated from high school in Cernăuţi. Initially a member of the Ploughmen's Front, he joined in July 1945 the Romanian Communist Party (PCR; later PMR). Working in the agitation and propaganda section of the Central Committee, he advanced between 1955 and 1960 from instructor to head of the literature and arts section to division chief. In the latter capacity, he met many of the writers, artists and scientists of the day, as his office lay at the intersection between the cultural and arts sphere on the one hand and the party leadership on the other. From 1953 to 1955 he was deputy to the Culture Minister, then Constanţa Crăciun. Elected an alternate member of the Central Committee at the 7th party congress in December 1955, after 1960 he stopped holding important positions in the party or the state.[1]

Ţugui also worked as a university professor and literary historian. He knows Bukovina well and has written several books about the region.[2] He published his memoirs in 1999.[3]


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