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Pavel Hak (born 1962, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech-born French playwright and author. Exiled to France in 1986, he studied philosophy at the Sorbonne. He has published six books, Safari,[1] Sniper, Lutte à mort, Trans (Trans won the Prix Wepler in 2006),[2] Warax and Vomito negro though the second is the only one published in English translation. Sniper (2005) is a graphic account of genocide and torture in an unnamed country. It met with largely positive reviews on publication in the UK[3] and the USA.[4]


  • Safari (novel), Tristram, 2001
  • Sniper (novel), Tristram, 2002
  • Lutte à mort (theatre), Tristram, 2004
  • Trans (novel), Seuil, 2006
  • Warax (novel), Seuil, 2009
  • Vomito negro (novel), Verdier, 2011


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