Pavel Kalný

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Pavel Kalný
Personal information
Birth namePavel Kalný
Born14 May 1967
Died10 May 2006 (aged 38)

Pavel Kalný (14 May 1967 – 10 May 2006)[1] was a Czech psychiatrist and mountaineer. He climbed on Mount Elbrus in 1992 and also on several mountains in the USSR.[2] In 2005 he climbed the entire massif of Mount Logan.[3] In 2006, together with Martin Minařík, he participated in an expedition to the fourth highest mountain in the world, Lhotse.[4] On 9 May 2006 he survived a fall of about 200 meters, but died the following day. In April 2007, Martin Minařík placed a commemorative plaque on Lhotse.[5]


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