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Singer House in Saint Petersburg was designed by Pavel Suzor in 1902-1904

Pavel Yulievich Suzor (Russian: Павел Юльевич Сюзор) (1844–1919) was a Russian architect, president of the Architects Society and count.

Suzor graduated from the Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts in 1866. He started to work for the city council in 1873, and in 1883 he started to teach at the Saint Petersburg Institute of Civil Engineering. Suzor practiced Eclecticism and Art Nouveau in his designs. In 1903 Suzor became chairman and president of the Architects Society. In 1907 he cofounded the Museum of Old Saint Petersburg, located at his own house.[1]


Ushakov House by Pavel Suzor 1882-1883
First Mutual Credit Society House (1888-1890)

Today there are over 80 buildings designed by Pavel Suzor in Saint Petersburg.[1][2]

Apartment houses[edit]


Suzor paid special attention to baths

  • Voronin baths - Fonarny Lane 1 (1870-1871)
  • Egorov baths - Bolshoy Kazachy Lane 11 (1875-1876)
  • Ovchinnikov baths - Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street 22 (1876-1877)
  • Belozerskie baths - Kropotkina Street 1 (1882)

Banks and corporations buildings[edit]