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Pavel Tsvetkov
Pavel Tsvetkov.jpg
BornMarch 23, 1971
Silistra, Bulgaria
OccupationPoet, writer

Pavel Chavdarov Tsvetkov (Bulgarian: Павел Чавдаров Цветков) (born March 23, 1971) is a Bulgarian poet and writer, best known for his "Desperate Love" Book of Poems and the essay "Exules Suo Voluntate: Roots and Fruits of Bulgarian National Nihilism".


Pavel Tsvetkov was born in the town of Silistra on March 23, 1971. He has spent most of his later life in Varna (Bulgaria), where he works as a lecturer of English and free-lance translator.

Collections of Poems[edit]

"Desperate Love" Bulgarian: "Отчаяна любов"); publ. June 2006; ISBN 954-715-280-7


1. Grand Prize, "Andrei Germanov" Poetry Contest (2007) – nominations by Anton Donchev, Georgi Konstantinov, Ivan Granitski and Panko Anchev (Members of the Jury);

2. Second Prize (first prize was not awarded in 2003) from the National Essay Contest "The unpublished book on Bulgarian Renaissance Teachers and Revolutionaries " (2003), organized by the National Palace of Culture (Sofia) and "TRUD" Publishing House – the prize was conferred by a Jury headed by Bulgarian novelist Anton Donchev (the winning text "Exules Suo Voluntate: roots and fruits of Bulgarian national nihilism” Bulgarian: "Exules Suo Voluntate: корени и плодове на българския национален нихилизъм“) was published in the collection of essays ”The unpublished book on Bulgarian Renaissance Teachers and Revolutionaries ”, ISBN 954-528-377-7);

3. Grand Prize, “The Love We Could Not Live Without” Poetry Contest (2001) – nominations by Evtim Evtimov (Chairman of the Jury).The winning text ”Let us Hide Our Love” and the poem ”The Train” were published in the poetry collection The Love We Could Not Live Without”, ISBN 954-579-146-2.

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