Pavilion Road

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Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School and Mews Houses in Pavilion Road
Pavilion Road at the Herbert Crescent intersection

Pavilion Road is a street in Knightsbridge in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London. It runs parallel to Sloane Street and is accessed from Sloane Square in the southern end and Basil Street in the northern end.[1] Mainly a residential street, Bellville Sassoon which was formerly located along here, serving most of the female members of the royal family and many prominent entertainers and socialites over the years. [2][3][4] Searcy, located at 30 Pavilion Road in an old pumping station, is one of Britain's top catering firms.[5] A fire station was built in June 1881.[6] Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School and Mica Gallery are located at the Cadogan Gardens intersection. Also of note are Marland House (today used as flats), Herbert House, and Hans House.


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