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Pawan Kalra
पवन कालरा
Born (1972-11-01) 1 November 1972 (age 44)
Mumbai, India
Occupation Voice actor
Spouse(s) Pankaj Kalra (older brother)

Pawan Kalra (Hindi: पवन कालरा Pavana Kālarā, born November 1, 1972) is a popular Indian Voice artist that has performed voices for documentaries and has also Voice-dubbed many foreign media in Hindi, who currently works for Sugar Mediaz. He is confirmed to be the Official Hindi voice-dubbing artist for Arnold Schwarzenegger in India.[1] He has also dubbed Bruce Lee, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith and Owen Wilson's roles in Hindi.

He speaks English and Hindi as his mother-tongue languages, but he majorly uses the Hindi language to perform voice dub-over roles in India.

Dubbing career[edit]

His elder brother Pankaj Kalra, was already a Hindi voice dubbing artist at the time, before he introduced Pawan into the Voice-dubbing business. He first started performing Hindi dubbing roles with Discovery, Cartoon Network, Pogo, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel programs. Some of the programs that he dubbed in Hindi airs on Pogo. Seven years later afterwards, He has reached up to the point of stage where people all over India recognize him as a voice artist and he felt glad. He is mostly famous for being the Official Hindi dub-over voice artist for Austro-American actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his career.[2]

Dubbing Roles[edit]

Television animation[edit]

Program title Original voice Character Dub Language Original Language Number of Episodes Original airdate Dubbed airdate Notes
Bob the Builder Neil Morrissey (UK)
Greg Proops (USA)
Bob Hindi English 18 series 4/12/1999-


Program title Original Japanese voice Character Dub Language Original airdate Dubbed airdate Notes
Pokémon Unknown voice Unknown character
(First Dub)
Hindi 4/1/1997-Current First Dub
Second Dub
The First 8 seasons dubbed, were based on the 4Kids Entertainment English dub. The later seasons were also dubbed in Hindi and are also revised translations based on the English dub. A Second Hindi dub has been produced featuring a new Hindi voice cast and translation by UTV Software Communications and aired on Hungama TV. The first dub that Kalra was involved in, was produced by Sound and Vision India for Cartoon Network India, Cartoon Network Pakistan and Pogo.

Live action television[edit]

Program title Actor Character Dub Language Original Language Episodes Original airdate Dubbed airdate Notes
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Ron Rogge Captain William Mitchell Hindi English 2/12/2000-11/18/2000 Based on Japanese Tokusatsu, Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive.
Adını Feriha Koydum Eray Özbay
Murat Onuk
Ünal Sarrafoğlu Hindi Turkish 1/14/2011-6/28/2012 9/15/2015-Ongoing Airs on Zee Zindagi dubbed in Hindi.

Live action films[edit]

Film title Actor Character Dub Language Original Language Original Year release Dub Year release Notes
The Terminator [3] Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Hindi English 1984 2004 2004 Hindi-dubbed TV version.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Hindi English 1991 2004
True Lies Arnold Schwarzenegger Harry Tasker Hindi English 1994 2004
Hocus Pocus Unknown Actor Unknown Role Hindi English 1993 ????
The Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy Professor Sherman Klump Hindi English 1996 ????
Dr. Dolittle Eddie Murphy Dr. John Dolittle Hindi English 1998 ????
Shanghai Noon Owen Wilson Roy O'Bannon / Wyatt Earp Hindi English 2000 2000
Shanghai Knights Owen Wilson Roy O'Bannon / Wyatt Earp Hindi English 2003 2003
Blade II Wesley Snipes Eric Brooks / Blade Hindi English 2002 2002 Samay Raj Thakkar dubbed this role in the previous movie.
Spy Game Brad Pitt Tom Bishop Hindi English 1999 2006
Troy Eric Bana Hector Hindi English 2004 2004 Dubbed for the Theatrical, Home media and Television releases.
Van Helsing Hugh Jackman Gabriel Van Helsing
(Second Dub)
Hindi English 2004 2006
(TV version)
Pawan Kalra has voiced him for the TV version. Rajesh Khattar dubbed him for the Theatrical and Home media releases.
Sin City Bruce Willis Det. John Hartigan Hindi English 2005 2006
Robocop Joel Kinnaman Alex Murphy/Robocop Hindi English 2014 2014 Performed alongside Samay Raj Thakkar who voiced Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellers, Ashiesh Roy who voiced Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton, Vinod Kulkarni who voiced Patrick Garrow as Antoine Vallon, Mayur Vyas who voiced Michael K. Williams as Jack Lewis, Manish Wadhwa who voiced Jackie Earle Haley as Rick Mattox, Amar Babaria who voiced K.C. Collins as Andre Daniels in Hindi.
Guardians of the Galaxy (film) Dave Bautista Drax the Destroyer Hindi English 2014 2014 Performed alongside Viraj Adhav who voiced Chris Pratt as Peter Quill / Star-Lord, Ashiesh Roy who voiced Bradley Cooper as Rocket, Mona Ghosh Shetty who voiced Zoe Saldana as Gamora in Hindi.
The Martian (film) Chiwetel Ejiofor Vincent Kapoor Hindi English 2015 2015
Doctor Strange (film) Chiwetel Ejiofor Karl Mordo Hindi English 2016 2016

Animated films[edit]

Film title Original voice(s) Character(s) Dub Language Original Language Original Year Release Dub Year Release Notes
The Batman vs. Dracula Peter Stormare Count Dracula Hindi English 2005
Big Hero 6 Alan Tudyk Alistair Krei Hindi English 2014 2016
The Angry Birds Movie Danny McBride Bomb Hindi English 2016 2016

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