Paweł Śpiewak

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Paweł Śpiewak
Paweł Śpiewak Kancelaria Senatu.JPG
Member of Sejm 2005-2007
In office
September 25, 2005 – 2007
Personal details
Political partyCivic Platform

Paweł Śpiewak (born April 17, 1951 in Warsaw) is the Director of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Poland. He is a sociologist, historian, author and former politician.


Paweł Śpiewak is a Professor of Sociology at Warsaw University. He was elected to the Sejm on September 25, 2005 getting 18,403 votes in 19 Warsaw district, running as a candidate with the Civic Platform list. He did not seek reelection in 2007.

He is a Fellow of Collegium Invisibile.[1]

In 2011, he was nominated as the Director of the Jewish Historical Institute by Bogdan Zdrojewski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage.[2]

He is a son of nationally renowned writers Anna Kamieńska (1920-1986) and Jan Śpiewak (1908-1967).[3][circular reference]

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