Pawn (film)

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Directed by David A. Armstrong
Produced by Michael Becker
Michael Chiklis
Brad Luff
Jeff Most
Andrew Hunt
Leigh Scott
Executive Producers:
Lainie Guidry
Cissy Guidry
Jonathan Bennett
Jeff Bozz
Pamela M. Burrus
Cameron Denny
Roman Kopelevich
Jeff Rice
Rick St. George
Eliza Swenson
Written by Jerome Anthony White
Starring Michael Chiklis
Marton Csokas
Sean Faris
Stephen Lang
Ray Liotta
Nikki Reed
Forest Whitaker
Music by Jacob Yoffee
Edited by Jordan Goldman
Danny Saphire
Release date
September 19, 2013
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Pawn is a 2013 film directed by David A. Armstrong.[1]


An old gangster, with a hard drive containing records of who he paid off, is targeted by a competition between dirty cops, internal affairs, etc. The dirty cops hire a thug to get into the safe (in the back of a diner) at midnight. But he brings his friends and goes too early for the time-release lock. Another crooked cop shows up (for uncertain reasons). The shooting ensues and during hostage negotiations the thug tries to put the blame onto an ex-con who just got out of jail, so that no one notices the real target is the hard drive.



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