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Pax Ludens is a non-profit organization specialized in training and research on international conflict and crisis management. The mission of the organization is to help future decision makers tackle complex international political dynamics and excel in conflict management. The core activities are described as the design and execution of seminars and simulation exercises based on real and current case studies in the field of International Relations and conflict resolution. The programs offered challenge participants to explore various international political conflict scenarios and deal with crisis and conflict situations as events unfold.

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Simulations as learning tools[edit]

The world of International Relations is demanding more in-depth knowledge about how and why international dynamics unfold in the way they do. The world today is more complex than ever before, the relationships governing inter-and intrastate (conflict) management have led many to appreciate the multi-disciplinary character of International Relations. The challenge for teaching institutions is evident: what is the most adequate methods to stimulate effective learning processes? To connect disciplines in a new and meaningful way.


Some example of the scenarios used are:

  • Greater Middle East
  • Caucasus
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Good governance in Africa
  • UN Security Council


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