Payee Lake

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Payee Lake
Paaye Lake.jpg
Paaye Lake in spring
LocationShogran, Kaghan Valley
Coordinates34°36′55″N 73°29′12″E / 34.6153°N 73.4867°E / 34.6153; 73.4867 (Payee Lake)Coordinates: 34°36′55″N 73°29′12″E / 34.6153°N 73.4867°E / 34.6153; 73.4867 (Payee Lake)
TypeNatural Scenery
Basin countriesPakistanPakistan
Surface elevation2,895 metres (9,498 ft)

Payee Lake (Urdu: پاے جھیل ‎) is situated in centre of meadow in Payee, near Shogran in Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the province of Pakistan. It is located at the height of almost 2,895 metres (9,498 ft).[1] It is surrounded by Makra Peak, Malika Parbat, Musa ka Musala and the mountains of Kashmir.The lake is accessible via Kiwai passing through Shogran by a jeep track.[2] There is a problem in breathing there due to elevation.[citation needed]

Meadows surround Payee Lake, Shogran

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