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Payner Logo.png
Founded 1990
Founder Mitko Dimitrov
Genre Pop folk, Pop, Folklore and others.
Country of origin Bulgaria
Location Dimitrovgrad
Official website

"Payner" LTD (Bulgarian: "Пaйнер" ООД) is an independent Bulgarian record label and company. It was founded in 1990 by the Bulgarian businessman Mitko Dimitrov. Originally Payner started with the production of audio and videotapes for the Bulgarian market and for exportations abroad.[1] As of today, the company owns their own record studio, founded in 1995. 3 television channels - Planeta TV[2] since 2002, Planeta Folk[2] since 2007, and Planeta HD[2] since 2010 As well as 2 complexes - "Prikazkite"[3] in Harmanli. Bulgaria and "Planeta Payner"[4] in Dimitrovgrad.

Production facilities and the head office of Payner LTD are situated in Dimitrovgrad.


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