Pazña Municipality

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Pazña Municipality
Pazña Municipality is located in Bolivia
Pazña Municipality
Pazña Municipality
Location of the Pazña Municipality within Bolivia
Coordinates: 18°30′S 66°53′W / 18.500°S 66.883°W / -18.500; -66.883Coordinates: 18°30′S 66°53′W / 18.500°S 66.883°W / -18.500; -66.883
Country Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
Department Oruro Department
Province Poopó Province
Cantons 5: Pazña, Totoral, Peñas, Avicaya, and Urmiri
Incorporated (vice-canton) 1904
Incorporated (municipality) --> 6 January 1961
Seat Pazña
 • Mayor (interim) Gualberto Abad Olmos Leaños (2010)
 • Council President Martin Sabino Quispe Alarcón (2010)
Population (2011)
 • Total ~7,000
 • Ethnicities Quechua (Tapacarí and Cóndor Apacheta ayllus), Urus

Pazña Municipality is a municipality of the Poopó Province in the Oruro Department, Bolivia. Its capital is Pazña.[1]


Municipal governments in Bolivia are divided into executive and legislative branches. The Mayor of Pazña is the head of the city government, elected by general election for a term of five years. The Municipal Council is the legislative branch.

The current mayor of Pazña is Gualberto Abad Olmos Leaños of the National Unity Front, who took office in June 2010 following the resignation of Víctor Centeno (of the Movement for Socialism). A new mayor will be selected in a special election expected to be held in 2011.


The municipality used to be divided into five cantons.[1]


The languages spoken in the Pazña Municipality are mainly Quechua, Spanish and Urus.[1]


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