Paz Bascuñán

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Paz Bascuñán
Paz Bascuñán 2016 (cropped).jpg
Born María Paz Bascuñán Aylwin
(1975-06-02) June 2, 1975 (age 41)
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Alma mater Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Occupation Actress
Spouse(s) Miguel Asensio (2008-present)
Children 2

María Paz Bascuñán Aylwin (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpas βaskuˈɲan], 2 June 1975), commonly known as Paz Bascuñán, is a Chilean theatre, film and television actress. Daughter of politicians and grand–daughter of Chile's former president Patricio Aylwin,[1] and has more than two descents, being recognized in 2002 his Basque descent.[2]


She studied theater in Universidad Católica de Chile and made her debut in Cerro Alegre from canal 13 (1999). In 2001, she made an appearance in the telenovela Piel Canela (2001) from canal 13 together with the protagonist Benjamin Vicuña.

In 2003, she switched to TVN with the telenovela Puertas Adentro (2004). She took the role of the daughter of a businessman, Javiera Martinez, who falls in love with a normal guy Jonathan Cárdenas (Ricardo Fernández) and she becomes pregnant, Los Pincheira (2004), Los Capo (2005), Cómplices (2006), Corazón de María (2007) and more recently in Viuda Alegre (2008).

In theater she became famous with the show Esa relación tan delicada (2002–2005) from the French author Loleh Bellón.

Her cinema appearances have been: Pretendiendo (2006) directed by Claudio Dabed, Santos (2007) directed by Nicolás López and Normal con Alas (2007) directed by Coca Gómez.






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