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Bhagavathy (Bhagavathi) or Devi is considered as female aspect of the divine Shakthi, as conceived by the Shakta tradition of Hinduism. Shakthi is considered as the female counterpart without whom the male aspect remains impotent. Shakthi is the energy and Shakthi worship is a vital part of Hindu Tradition.

Devi manifests herself as Creator (Durga or the Divine Mother), Preserver (Lakshmi, Parvathy and Saraswati) and Destroyer (Mahishasuramardini, Kali). Devi is worshipped mostly in the form of divine mother.

In Kerala, we can see most of the devi temples are worshipped devi as Badra kali (kaali).Though she is eternal, the goddess becomes manifest over and over again to protect the world.

Punthalaveettil Devi kshethram is known for its tradition and culture. The temple is the most famous temple among the area after "Trichendamangalam Mahadevar Temple" peringanadu.The Grand festival of the temple is held on April 14.At that particular day different clans belonging to the temple makes giant Bullocks on chariot known as Kettukala is dragged to the temple by the respective persons of their respective clans or areas.There are 8 clans belonging to the temple and there are 8 different kettukazcha and there are also nercha ketturupadi presented to the goddess as an offering.Every year MahaNavahayagnam is held at the temple for nine days and annadanam and many others rituals are done throughout these 9 days in order to satisfy the goddess and bring prosperity to the village and its residents.All the people in the village participates in the navahayagnam regardless of religion.

Full address of PunthalaVeettil Temple:-

Pazhakulam Punthalaveettil Temple.(New pic)







Phone Number :0091-4734-237688

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