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Peace at Pieces Coverart.png
  • JP: December 23, 2004
Genre(s)Eroge, Visual novel

Peace@Pieces (ピースアピーシーズ, Pīsu a Pīshīzu) is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Unisonshift and was released on December 23, 2004 for Windows. The game was described by the development team as a "sweet school romance comedy with lewd moe situation adventure" (学園恋愛甘甘コメディ萌シチュエーションえっちあどべんちゃー, Gakuen ren'ai ama ama komedi moe shichuēshon ecchi adobenchā).[1] The gameplay in Peace@Pieces follows a linear plot line, which offers pre-determined scenarios and courses of interaction, and focuses on the appeal of the main female characters.


Peace@Pieces was the tenth project developed by Unisonshift, and is developed as an adult game much like previous titles such as Innocent Eye's. Planning for the game was headed by @Pieces.[1] Art direction and character designs were provided by Noizi Ito,[1] known for her work on Shakugan no Shana, the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, and the later Nanatsuiro Drops.[1] The scenario was provided solely by Tamaki Ichikawa. Music in the game was solely composed by Ryō Mizutsuki, known for her later contributions on BaseSon's Koihime Musō,[2] and Key Sounds Label's Piano no Mori.[3]

Release history[edit]

Peace@Pieces was first introduced to the public on December 23, 2004,[1] as a DVD-ROM playable on only a Microsoft Windows PC, and was subsequently followed by a fan disc, titled One More@Pieces, released on August 9, 2005.[4] It was later followed by a second release, titled Peace@Pieces + One More@Pieces Special Memorial Edition, released on November 22, 2007, containing the game itself and the fan disc.


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