Peace (cigarette)

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A juxtaposition of Hope and Peace cigarette packs.
The Peace, 1000 yen per can (20 cigarettes).

Peace cigarettes are produced exclusively in Japan by Japan Tobacco. Peace's Package logo was designed by Raymond Loewy in 1952.[1]


Peace cigarettes come in short (70 mm), king size (85 mm), or long (100 mm). They come within a soft or hard pack or steel can, 10 or 20 or 50 cigarettes per pack. They are seen as a counterpart to Hope cigarettes.[2][3]

Various types[edit]

  • Peace 10 / Peace 50 Can (nonfilter, a.k.a. Short Peace)
  • Peace Filter Cigarettes (Peace 20, a.k.a. Long Peace)
  • Peace Medium
  • Peace Lights (Japan) / Peace 10 (Taiwan)
  • Peace Super Lights (Japan) / Peace 7 (Taiwan)
  • Peace Infinity
  • The Peace[1]

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