Peace (cigarette)

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Two Japanese packs of Hope and Peace cigarettes, with their respective text warnings displayed
Product type Cigarette
Owner Japan Tobacco
Introduced 1952; 65 years ago (1952)

Peace cigarettes are produced exclusively in Japan by Japan Tobacco. Peace's Package logo was designed by Raymond Loewy in 1952.[1]

The Peace, 1000 yen per can (20 cigarettes).


Peace cigarettes come in short (70 mm), king size (85 mm), or long (100 mm). They come within a soft or hard pack or steel can, 10 or 20 or 50 cigarettes per pack. They are seen as a counterpart to Hope cigarettes.[2][3]

Various types[edit]

  • Peace 10 / Peace 50 Can (nonfilter, a.k.a. Short Peace)
  • Peace Filter Cigarettes (Peace 20, a.k.a. Long Peace)
  • Peace Medium
  • Peace Lights (Japan) / Peace 10 (Taiwan)
  • Peace Super Lights (Japan) / Peace 7 (Taiwan)
  • Peace Infinity
  • The Peace[1]

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