Peace Boulevard (Hiroshima)

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Hiroshima Peace Blvd view towards east
Hiroshima Peace Blvd view towards west, to the south of Memorial Park

Peace Boulevard (平和大通り?, Heiwa Ōdōri) is one of the main streets in Hiroshima, Japan, which faces the south side of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

The street is 100 metres (330 ft) wide and runs 3.6 kilometres (2.2 miles) from east to west, between Tsurumi-cho and Fukushima-cho within the green belt.

There are 5 bridges connecting to the street including the west and east Peace Bridges by Isamu Noguchi.

The west-end bridge connects to "Nishi Hiroshima Station" and the east-end bridge connects to "Hijiyama Park"


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