Peace and Silence

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Peace and Silence
Peace and silence.jpg
Background information
Origin Seattle, Washington, USA
Genres alternative rock, hard rock
Years active 1990-1995, 2005
Labels Primal Records
Associated acts Second Coming
Post Modern Heroes
Past members Travis Bracht
Rich Henry
Tim Lynch
Chuck Miller
Fred Kitchens

Peace and Silence was an American alternative rock group formed in Seattle, Washington in the early 1990s.[1][2][3] Its members were singer Travis Bracht, guitarists Rich Henry and Tim Lynch, bassist Chuck Miller, and drummer Fred Kitchens.[1][2][3] They recorded many songs but only released one eight-track album titled Fathom That through Primal Records in 1993.[4][2] The group broke up some time in the mid-1990s as Travis Bracht went on to front the band Second Coming.

On April 30, 2005, Peace and Silence reunited for a one-time show with local bands Sweety, Turn to Fall, and Draghead as their opening acts.[2] Chuck Miller joined the band Soulbender that same year, replacing Marten van Keith on bass guitar. In 2007, Bracht also joined this band, replacing his friend Nick Pollock on vocals, and later that year they released a song called "Loaded" on the compilation album Unleashed 3 featuring several other artists; this is the only material released thus far with Bracht and Miller since the break-up of Peace and Silence. In May 2009, a new band called Post Modern Heroes emerged featuring all former members of Peace and Silence, except for Miller. A year later, they independently released their eponymous debut album Post Modern Heroes.


  • Travis Bracht - vocals
  • Rich Henry - guitar
  • Tim Lynch - guitar
  • Chuck Miller - bass
  • Fred Kitchens - drums


Fathom That[edit]

Fathom That
Fathom That cover art.jpg
Studio album by Peace and Silence
Released 1993
Genre Hard rock
Alternative rock
Label Primal Records
Producer Kelly Gray and Peace and Silence

The album's credits and personnel can be obtained from the liner notes at Discogs.[4][5]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Imagination" Bracht Henry/Lynch 3:17
2. "Bill’s Enemy" Bracht Peace and Silence 3:38
3. "The Clique" Kitchens Miller/Henry 3:25
4. "Control" Kitchens Miller 5:25
5. "Going Home" Kitchens Henry 3:54
6. "Life & Death" Bracht Henry 4:05
7. "Sandman" Brustad/Henry Lynch/Kitchens/Henry 4:17
8. "Pitch A Tent" Brustad/Miller Peace and Silence 4:22

Other appearances[edit]

Year Song Title Label
1994 "Get a Rope" Seattle Music Scene Volume 2 Insight Records


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