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Peace and Sport
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Peace and Sport logo
  • Monaco
Fields Peace, Sport, Development
Founder and President
Joël Bouzou
Key people
H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Champions for Peace

Peace and Sport, "L’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport” is a neutral and independent organization based in the Principality of Monaco and under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.[1]

Peace and Sport works in areas across the world where communities have become estranged from one another and where traditional policies have failed to establish dialogue, with the goal of restoring peaceful relations. Its objective is to bring the structuring values of sport to the heart of communities and individuals in crisis throughout the world.

The organization puts sport and its values at the heart of local development projects conducted within communities in crisis around the world. Exercising its missions in post-conflict zones, areas of extreme poverty or lacking social cohesion, Peace and Sport makes sport a vehicle for tolerance, respect, sharing and citizenship.

In 2015, the first UNFP / Peace and Sport trophy (French National Union of Professional Soccer) was awarded to the campaign "Soyons fiers de nos différences" (Be proud of our differences) led in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 on the initiative of the Ligue de football professionnel and the Panamboyz United.[2]

Field actions[edit]

Peace and Sport is currently active on five continents, demonstrating day after day the social and unifying impact of sport on society.

It supports local people in the development of sustainable projects and uses the values of respect and solidarity intrinsic to sport to foster dialogue and strengthen social ties within communities.

The organisation works with local project leaders (governments, NGOs, National Olympic Committees and sports federations) in areas affected by extreme poverty, the consequences of conflicts and an absence of social cohesion. This partnership enables the development of programs that use sport and its educational and structural values to tackle various social issues within communities.

Peace and Sport Forum[edit]

The Forum[edit]

It brings together people from politics, sport, the private sector and civil society, committed to actions for peace through sport..[3]

The Awards[edit]

Launched in 2008, the Peace and Sport Awards have become one of the highlights of the Peace and Sport International Forum.

They put the spotlight on initiatives and individuals who have particularly contributed to peace and social stability in the world in 2015.

The Awards reward the expertise of various stakeholders working for sustainable peace through sport, through initiatives promoting the best practices in the field.[4]

Champion for Peace[edit]

Champions for Peace sports champions who are either still active or have retired from their sports career who wish to help disadvantaged communities through sport.[5]

Peace and Sport Watch[edit]

Peace and Sport Watch The Peace and Sport Watch is an internet news platform which aims to offer accessible, neutral and timely peace through sport news.

Fundraising program : I Move for Peace[edit]

Peace and Sport partners Fosburit (a crowdfunding website specialized in sports activities) for its new fundraising project: I Move for Peace.

The program enables every active and would-be sportsperson (amateurs, professionals, teams, companies etc.) to put their sporting challenge at the service of fundraising for Peace and Sport’s field programmes.

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace[edit]

April6 web platform[edit]


At the UN headquarters in New York, on 23 August 2013,[6] the UN General Assembly declared 6 April as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) – a decision that represented a historic step in recognizing the transformative power of sport and its great potential in advancing positive social change.

This day is commemorated globally each year by international, regional, national sport and development organizations to honour the role that sport plays in society, whether by encouraging healthier lifestyles, making sport more widely accessible or using it as a vehicle for development in areas made vulnerable by conflict, poverty and inequality.

Peace and Sport has developed a web platform[7] for expression and promotion aimed at highlighting the initiatives led to celebrate 6 April.

In 3 editions, Peace and Sport and its platform has promoted 840 projects in over 170 countries.

Campaign #WhiteCard[edit]

#WhiteCard[8] operation highlights the actors of the peace through sport movement, and to provide an opportunity for all those who believe in the power of sport to change the world, to rally their support around a symbolic gesture.

Everyone can get involved easily: participants just have to take a 'selfie' or a group photo holding up a white card, just like a referee on a playing field. They then post the #WhiteCard photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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