Peace in Our Time

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Peace in Our Time may refer to:




  • The World at War makes frequent mention of this term in episode 1, "A New Germany"
  • "Peace in Our Time/And Everyone Came Too", a 1970 Christmas episode of Please Sir!
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus's skit "The Funniest Joke in the World" referenced the phrase as Britain's pre-war joke
  • True Stories: Peace in our Time?, a 1988 British television film by Jan Němec, with John Cleese as Neville Chamberlain



  • Peace in Our Time, an expansion set to the wargame Europa
  • "There will be peace in our time", opening diplomatic option in Civilization IV
  • "Peace in our time", signed on a temporary ceasefire treaty in the flash game Hex Empires





  • "Peace for our time", a phrase spoken by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, frequently misquoted as "Peace in our time"
  • Munich Agreement, the treaty that prompted Chamberlain's quotation
  • Iran nuclear deal, often criticized with this phrase
  • The Paris Peace Accords, labeled a new Munich Agreement by pro-Vietnam war organizations who subscribed to the domino theory; compounded by the Richard Nixon campaign slogan of "Peace with Honor", which was coincidentally spoken by Chamberlain in 1938

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