Treaty of Buchach

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Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth as a fief of the Ottoman Empire 1672-1676

The Treaty of Buchach was signed on 18 October 1672[1] in Buczacz (now Buchach, Ukraine) between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire, ended the first phase of the Polish-Ottoman War (1672-1676). King Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki, unable to raise a suitable army against the Ottomans and Petro Doroshenko's Cossacks who laid the siege of Lviv.

Under the treaty Poland:

The hostilities would resume already in the spring of 1673 as the Sejm never ratified the treaty. In 1676 it was revised with the Treaty of Żurawno (today in Zhuravno, Zhydachiv Raion).


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