Peace on Earth (novel)

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Peace on Earth
First English edition
AuthorStanislaw Lem
Original titlePokój na Ziemi
TranslatorElinor Ford with Michael Kandel
GenreScience fiction
PublisherHarcourt Brace
Published in English

Peace on Earth (Pokój na Ziemi [ˈpɔkuj na ˈʑɛmʲi] in Polish) is a 1987 science fiction novel by Polish writer Stanisław Lem. The novel describes, in a satirical tone, the ultimate implications of the arms race.

Plot summary[edit]

The evolution of artificial intelligence has allowed major world powers to sign a rather curious treaty: the Moon is divided into national zones (proportional to each nation's Earth real estate) and all weapons development and production must be moved there to be handled by factories. This is supposed to completely demilitarize Earth, achieving the long-sought dream of world peace. A MAD stabilizing factor is apparently preserved by the ability of countries, in case of war, to quickly ship weapons down from the Moon.

Unknown to most people, a problem arises. The ever-increasing amount of autonomy given to Moon's automata, in order to conduct more-effective espionage in neighbors' nation facilities and also to defend one's own, leads to localized robotic conflicts on the Moon's surface. Eventually, after a number of events, there is a total discontinuation of any communication with the Moon. After a number of failed expeditions to reveal the truth on what is going on beneath the Moon's surface, Ijon Tichy is called to the rescue.

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